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Are you looking for a blog post or an article writer? Is your company growing? Or you know you are going to be busy in the coming days and you need someone to write for you when you're out? Maybe you are in need of my service?

If you plan to hire me I only accept payments through PayPal because PayPal can be use as proof of statement where to or from who you did the transaction. 

My pricing is not too expensive for a quality work. 50 USD for 800 words and 100 USD for 1200 words. 

To start the project I require my clients to make a 50% deposit for my professionalism security because I tried multiple times before submitting work first before receiving payments and I always end up not getting paid. 

My work has proven to be competitive and has high visibility rate on search engine because I write what people are looking for so if you are interested to hire me just send me an email and we'll talk about it.