Interested to know how to loan money online? There are many reasons why people need to get extra cash that is why i wrote this page for you.

Before we get to how to loan money online, let us first learn what is gcash <--- Click here

If you still dont understand what is gcash dont proceed yet below because i will teach you how to get started loaning money on gcash.

GCash has a featured called GCredit and the good thing about GCredit is it only ask you for 5% interest every monthly due depending on how much money you loan.

What is GCredit?

How to loan money online

GCredit is one of the latest features of the GCash App. With GCredit, you have your own personal revolving credit line which you can use any time you want!

GCredit functions like a flexible loan or credit card. You get a set limit of money you can avail whenever you want. If you pay off your previous availments, you can use your maximum limit again.

For example, I have a GCredit limit of P2,000. I can avail P2,000 whenever I want. I bought an outfit worth P1,500. Now I can only avail P500 since P2,000 is my maximum limit.

However, if I pay P1,500 of my GCredit balance, I can then again avail P2,000 whenever I want. 

Where Can You Use GCredit?

You can use GCredit to shop on groceries stores,malls or at any GCash QR partner merchants that has like this on the counter. 

You can also use GCredit to shop online like Lazada and Shoppee, Food panda and other company accepting gcash payment method. Personally I usually use my GCredit in buying my business supplies on shoppee and lazada, so where are you planning to use your gcredit? 

GCash will let you loan at a starting amount of P3, 000 and it will continually be increasing depending on how you usually use and how much money you continually use your gcredit. 

How to Start Using GCash GCredit?

Before you can access your GCredit feature, gcash wants you first to increase your GScore. 

GScore is your overall trust score or rating from using GCash! It increases depending on how much you use GCash to Buy Load, Pay QR, or Pay Bills.

After reaching a specific score, you will be able to unlock GCredit. Your GScore will determine your GCredit limit; the higher your GScore, the higher your credit limit. Pay your GCredit dues on time to increase your score even more!