How to increase gcredit limit gcash

Want to know how to increase your GCredit Limit in your GCash account? Did you know you can increase your Gcredit up to P30,000? How? Heres how! 

It is by Increasing your GScore! The higher your GScore is, the higher your credit limit will be.

Your credit limit is tied to your GScore. Once you are eligible for a higher credit limit, GCredit will notify you and once you receive the notification you just got to “Manage Credit” in the GCash App to enable the new Credit Limit for you

How To Increase Your GScore to Increase Your GCredit? 

1.Continuously transact using GCash and GCredit

2.Regularly use GCredit to Pay QR and Pay your Bills!

3.Start or continue to use GSave!

4.Start or continue to use Invest Money!

5.Transact weekly using GCash

Hope this page help you a lot to understand more about GCredit, thank you for having time reading and good luck in increase your GCredit limit!