Are you worried that your credit card or debit card will be at risk if you carelessly use your card? Almost everything today can already be transact online, if you are one of the person who always use their card online or to shop online then this will be the right reminder for you to protect your card from being hack while  consistently using it.

Its a good idea and less hassle to buy some things or spend your money with the use of your debit or credit card but the risk is if your identity or card details are leaked then all of your money stored in your card will instantly be rob, so this are the tips your need to protect your card details.

How To Protect Your Credit Card/Debit Card get Hack

Get a Virtual Card Number

Virtual card is an account where you can open online, in my country there are company that offers online wallet where they offer you to activate a virtual card that you can use to transact online. so if you love buying things online instead of using your personal physical card why not for your safety use a virtual card so if ever in case your virtual card details are leaked, its not be a real big loss.

If you are looking for company that offers you where you can open an account and activate a virtual card then i suggest you read this.

Use Your Card To Trusted Websites Only

Before using your card online, make sure who you use your card, its better for your security check the website or app's rating and testimonial if they are legitimate seller. by doing this you decrease your card's chance of getting hack.

Always Doubt Email Asking Your Details

Never trust emails telling you to update your card details or you win a huge amount of money because its a way to scam you and ask your cards details without you aware that you are going to be hack after you submit them your card details, so for your safely ignore email like this and stay away from email asking you to input your card details.

As Possible Use Cash on Physical Stores

If possible before going outside to spend your money, prepare cash and never try to use swiping card at store to avoid being vulnerable to identity card details leak.

Stay vigilant always and keep your card safe and happy online shopping.