Planning on using electric or electronic appliances at your home but you dont know how much expenses of electricity usage you will get every month? I know everyone has been wanting to know how to budget their electricity bill every month that is why i am teaching you how to make the calculation.

If you are planning to rent a space and you  are only allowed to use electronic appliances in that space and you are in a situation where you are in a tight budget, this is the right page for you, its very simple.

How to Calculate How Much Expenses on Electricity WATT Usage per Month

how to know how much electricity usage every month

Every appliances has description at the back of the appliances or below it where you can see Volts or V or for example 220V but what you are going to look is the WATT for example a bulb, the minimum watt i know for bulb is 15W or 15 WATT, meaning if you are going to use the 15W bulb for 8 hours long then 15 WATT multiply it by 8 hours then multiply it by 30 days, then convert it to kilowatt then multiply it again to how much your electricity provider price per kilowatt and that will be your  1 month expenses for 15W bulb.

To your other appliances, the computation is still the same, just sum it up to your other appliances computation and that will be your total monthly expenses.

hope you have learn something from this page, if you have other concern or you need more other clarification just leave a comment below and i will be glad to give you my response.