If you are in a tight budget and you wanted to save more for your future plans, why not start at your electricity consumption. Today in this page i shall give you tips or ways for you for save more electricity consumption, without further delay lets get started.

6 Ways To Save More Electricity Consumption Must Try

Save More Electricity Consumption Must Try

Use Low WATT Bulb

Lets start with the lights because light are frequently use in a house, if that so why not use lower watt bulb to reduce your electricity consumption, the lesser watt bulb you use the more you save.

Cook Your Rice Once for the Whole Day

If you are a rice lover, instead of cook a rice everytime you eat, for saving energy consumption purposes why not do it once a day is another way to save more.

Turn Off Your Refrigerator If Freezer are on Thick Ice

The Fridge  one of the useful appliances in the house because it help us preserve our food life, but you dont need to maintain it on, for the purpose of energy saving consumption, if your fridge is already too cold inside why not just turn it off for the day to save more consumption.

Use Solar Panel

This is one i recommend if you want to save big but this option needs a big investment, if this is done right you might not be needing direct source of electricity from your provider but it cost you very high but it will be beneficial in long term.

If you Feel Hot Go Outside Your Room

One of the needs of our body is to maintain the temperature balance, not too cold and not too hot but usually in our weather its always hot and people usually when they feel hot they usually use their air conditioner or their electric fans but if you want to save energy consumption theres another option, why not stay outside your hot room and have a fresh air.

Use Solar Bulb

There are some companies that sell solar bulb that charges using sun heat and can be use for 8 hours, you can this kind of technology for your benefit, you can use it at night instead using of direct current.

hope this post help you a lot. thank you for coming to my page and good luck to your saving electricity journey.