How to level up fast blade and soul revolution

So you are already committed to blade and soul revolution, i congratulate you reaching to hongmoon level but now what to do next? When you arrived at level 200 or in other words Hongmoon level one, experience gaining is starting to become harder and harder and I don't blame you that you coming here desperately want to learn how to level up faster. Maybe some of the tips that I am giving you today is already learned by you but some of it is still not executed by you. So let's start.

Before we start let me remind you that when following my tips there is no balance way to do silver farming and gear hunting and do exp at the same time, silver and gear hunting will be left behind. Expect that in this tips you will only focus on gaining more exp as possible.

Thing to do to Level UP Faster Level 200-210 Blade and Soul Revolution

First Spot for Leveling: Rocky Hills

If you want to level up faster then dive in to PK areas and recommend Rocky Hills, the monsters there gives x3 exp than the other map on Silverfrost Mountains but the downside is you get problem with other faction trying to disturb your leveling up.

Second Spot for Leveling: Highland Necropolis

This is still a PK map but still it will give you x2 exp than the monster in Silverfrost Mountains if Rocky Hill is still not available for the moment.

Third Spot for Leveling: Forgotten Valley

When you reach 200, I'm sure you already unlocked Forgotten Valley map, here you can get decent exp if you don't want to be PK while AFK, you can start killing monsters same at your level and don't try killing monsters above your level because its takes you more time to kill, you can also do contribution there too for the moment, you receive exp rate there like in Highland Necropolis but in highland Necropolis killing monsters there is much faster.

Complete Your Heroic Hunt Gear

Even radiant heroic gear is giving more superior stats than hunt gear, leveling higher than other is still advantage because of the hongmoon arts. If you want to focus more on EXP gaining then choose heroic hunt gear than any other gear because it's give you up to 21% more exp bonus.

Get a Heroic or Legendary EXP Pet

If you want to level up faster you got to need to invest for pets special exp pets, heroic and legendary pets helps you save more stamina while grinding and with exp pet gives you more exp at the same time.

Thing to do to Level UP Faster Level 210-220 Blade and Soul Revolution

Level 210-220 Spot: Resent of Ruins

Resent of ruin is located at Moonwater Plains, it's a PK map where all monster there is level 220 and it's the right place to get to level 20.

Leveling up higher than others is still an advantage because it's gives your enemies penalty level when fighting you. It's okay if don't have the gear you like if you still don't have any. Gears come at the right time and sometimes surprises you when you're doing dungeons.