How to get legendary pet fast blade and soul revolution

Want to have a legendary pet on blade and soul revolution? Pets are best way to help you boost your stats faster but it's hard to get those pets at the beginning. To get legendary pet faster, the fastest way is to invest your money buying crystals and buy bundle of pets that is the 10+1 worth 1000 crystal and every 10 purchase of it, you receive random heroic pet, if that is you are willing to spend money, but in case you don't want to spend or you  want save more money, you got to rely on the smartest way to get legendary fast and that is what I am going to teach you.

In this tips that I am going to teach you, this trick will increase your chance to have a legendary pet even if you are a P2W or a F2P player.

How to Get Legendary Pet Fast Blade and Soul Revolution

Invest for PET

Pets give individual players to get ahead of their stats from other players, it builds a gap against other player so if you have the money just invest for pet.

Create a Dummy Character

Every character in the game can get free pet by watching ads in the shop and if you think you can only get 1 free pet a day then you are wrong, there are four character slot in the character select, in my account I have 3 free slot, if that is meaning you can get free 3 pet a day and pets are share with the other character per server.

Tricks When Upgrading Pet

When you upgrade a pet you are allowed to register 6 pet to get 50% chance of success rate but I recommend only register 3 pet per try because for me 50% is still a gamble it's not different when only registering 3 pet per try. The good side of using 3 pet per try is you are able to save your pet for other upgrade. You can test it yourself making a refine pet just try using 3 pet only per try and you'll see you can still make successful attemp, meaning you can also apply it making legendary pet.

If you have the money just find a way to collect more pet as possible and applying this trick will also make things faster in your goal to get legendary pet. Thank you for having time landing on this page and good luck to your blade and soul adventure.