Free to play blade and soul revolution

Blade & Soul Revolution is one of the best RPG game on mobile release on may 14, 2020. Since this is in mobile game expect it's a pay to win kind of game but it's not entirely pay to win because base on my experience it's a matter of luck to become a strong pay to win player, what I mean is that only true cash player who invest big than casual spender are the only player who can be strong in this game but it doesn't mean free to play players doesn't have a chance to win.

In every game theres always be someone who will be stronger than you and that is what makes the game challenging and not boring, as a free to play player it's the goal we all wanted is to become stronger and can keep up with the stupid cash players(just kidding).

Before we proceed to my Beginner tips to become stronger in Blade & Soul Revolution let me help you fix your mindset when playing a Pay to Win game.

Free to Play can't Beat Cash Players in Early Game

The purpose of cash items in mobile games specially in RPG games is attracting players who wants to be strong "quickly" on the game, and if that player wants to be stronger he/she needs to spend a lot of their money, which is for me is a waste, and as a free to play players it obviously not fair to compete with them on early game. Cash players might able to get the gears they needed quickly but in blade and soul revolution to boost more of their stats it's requires them hongmoon arts and level to unlock more hongmoon arts and that's where free to play players can keep up with Cash players.

There's a bigger chance to Beat Cash Players in Group

In blade and soul revolution there is no strong player if they face a group of enemies. It's not a shame if your group were beaten by one player after all you didn't spend on the game, it's just simply as that, actually you cannot compete with Cash players since it's obvious from the start but there are only few cash players in a game, there are many players out there who doesn't want to spend their money for a game and you can compete with them.

Keeping Up with Cash Players Requires More Hard Work than Them

As a free to play players you don't have the starting resources to become stronger that is why hard working and gear hunting is essential in the process of becoming stronger, it's one of the reason to inspire you that this game is challenging to play and compete with one another(who is not cash players).

How to WIN as Free to Play Player for Beginners

Consume Your Stamina Every day

It's not important if you are just a casual players or not just find a way to consume all your stamina, I cannot advise you how because we have different routines everyday but you can use auto battle to work for you. Also always feed your pet with pet pod. Pets helps you save stamina while grinding on monster because if you ran out of stamina you will no longer received any items or gears. The higher pet tier the better.

Hongmoon Art

When you reach level 100 you unlock hongmoon arts found in your menu under Skills, hongmoon arts gives your character more stats and each hongmoon arts requires level and to get hongmoon arts you need to get hongmoon energy on exchange npc at yehara's Mirage(2nd town) and South District Square(4th town). To get hongmoon energy you need to exchange for gears meaning to get stronger the key is gear hunting. Find a map where it gives you at lot of dungeon tickets and blue gears or superior gears. Don't use offline hunt because it doesn't give you any items only exp and silver.

Don't Be Discourage With Only Superior Gears

Don't rush to get heroic gear, superior gears or blue gear are already enough in Early game, making it +14-15 is already the same as +10 heroic item. I have seen numerous players who only has superior gear but has the same stat who has already heroic gears.

Always Buy Dungeon Tickets on Shop

Tickets replenish every week make sure you buy all of those tickets, it might cause you serious silver but it's the best source for gear to exchange for exchange coins to buy hongmoon energies. As I told you earlier gear hunting is the key the more hongmoon energy you acquire the more stats you gain the more advantage you have.

Never Forget to Buy Utility Items on Shop

Every week you can buy utility items on Shop like passive and active skills essence to strengthen your passive and active skills and also experience potion in the long run it might only give you small exp when you reach level 200 but it's already an advantage against who doesn't use exp potion.

That's it! This is the basic things you need to learn on this game, hope you have plenty knowledge in getting stronger in Blade and Soul Revolution by getting into my page and good luck to you.