Fastest way to farm silver blade and soul revolution

Blade and Soul Revolution is the most popular Role Playing Game for short RPG game today for Android and IOS and right now you are here because you want to know where can you farm silver or the fastest way to farm silver isn't it right?

Actually you can get silver in any map, you could go to higher level maps to get more silver by getting loots and selling them but if you are looking for the fastest way to farm silver then I have the right tips for you. In some other how to get silver fast tutorial, other people or YouTuber mentioned it's in Sunset Basin , from there you can apply for conquest mission and every completion of the conquest mission you receive 50,000 chest silver and also a small chance to get 100,000 silver. And you can choose Sunset Basin if you want to but for me the fastest way to get silver is on Hunter's Post.

Fastest Way To Farm Silver Hunter's Post and WHY?

The reason why I choose Hunter's Post is first is the conquest mission, everytime you finish the mission it gives you Super Weapon Chest which gives you higher chance of Supperior Weapon and a small chance of Heroic Hunt weapon, each mission requires you need to defeat 500 enemies in the map. The second reason is it also drops there superior accessories,weapons and designs and lastly you can get a loot called General's Jade Badge that you can sell at price of 1,800 silver each piece and the bonus are the dungeon tickets, at Hunter's Post there's a higher chance to get Black Ram tickets to Heavens Mandate ticket where you can get more Silver,EXP and more superior gear where you can sell and make more silver. And when selling superior gear, you can earn an average of 7,500 silver to 15,000 silver each if you are going to sell them on merchant.

Hope this page is useful to you. If you have thoughts,concern or anything you want to say just leave a comment below and I'll be glad to answer it. Thank you for reading and good luck to you.