Google Adsense ads blogger

All aspiring bloggers wants to make money online and it’s just practical specially with people with great writing skills and if you are using a blogger or a blogspot blog and want to put ads on your blog to start monetizing then this post is for you. If you don’t have an idea how to put Google Adsense in your blog then let me guide you it’s pretty simple.

Watch Google Adsense Introduction

Sign up for AdSense to show ads

  1. 1.Sign in to Blogger
  2. 2.At the top, click the Down arrow
  3. 3.Click the blog you want to run ads on. 
  4. 4.In the left menu, click Earnings Sign up for AdSense. 
  5. 5.If you don’t find the button, check the AdSense eligibility requirements to find out why you might not qualify for AdSense. 
  6. 6.Choose the Google email associated with your Blogger account. 
  7. 7.Fill out AdSense form Create account. 
  8. 8.Enter AdSense payment details. 
  9. 9.Verify your phone number Click Submit. 
  10. 10.The system should automatically take you to Blogger to finish the process. 
  11. 11.If you don’t land in Blogger, click Redirect. 
  12. 12.If you’re interrupted before you click Redirect, or if you find the message: "we're working on setting you up" on your AdSense homepage for more than a few days: 
  13. 13.Go through steps 1-5 again. 
  14. 14.Click Accept association.