Benefits and advantages

Trying to research about GCash and what are the advantages you can get? First of all I am a GCash user and I would like to share it with you in this page. Before I will tell what are the specific benefits you can have with GCash let me first give you my introduction what really is GCash.

What Is GCash?

What are advantages of gcash

Basically, GCASH is a product of Globe(Telecommunications Company in the Philippines) is a virtual wallet service offered for their mobile subscribers (postpaid or prepaid). It allows any Globe or TM (Touch Mobile) user to send and receive money, pay bills, buy prepaid load, and even to use the American Express Virtual Pay service (a real AMEX credit card that works as a debit card). Here's the full information about GCash Here's the full information about GCash.

7 Advantages When You Start Using GCash

You Can Make GCash as Your Personal Savings Account

The good thing about GCash is that you can use it as your eWallet and that means you also store your money there on your GCash account and make it as your savings account. If you want to make sure that your money is safe whenever you go, you can use GCash as your personal savings account.

You Can Use GCash to Deposit Money to Your Bank

For others time is gold and if you don't want to waste your precious time to Fall in line on banks to deposit your money, then you can use GCash to Deposit money to your chosen bank.

Buy Load Anytime and Anywhere

If load is one of your important needs in your life then GCash is the right app for you, with GCash you don't need to trouble yourself to look for a Loading station,with GCash you can load your phone anytime and Anywhere and no need to have credit card  or risk your card details just to buy Load anytime.

You Can Start a Loading Business

Today load is one of the most necessity of the people and not only you can load your smart phone, GCash can also send load to multiple phone numbers meaning you can also sell load to other mobile numbers and you will earn 5% rebates for every transaction.

No Need to Fall in Line to Pay Bills

Paying bills is our monthly responsibilities and everyone can't avoid this, and if you also believe these kind of responsibilities eats your precious time then GCash can help you out.

You Can Invest Money

There is also one feature that I like with GCash. If you are also smart who wants to make your money make money then you can use GCash to invest money with a minimum investment of 50. Meaning the more you invest the greater it can make profit.

You Earn 50 Pesos When You Invite Other to Use Gcash

Everytime when someone tried and register to gcash using your referral link and verified their gcash account, you automatically received 50 pesos per verified account imagine this is unlimited 50 pesos every month. Gcash give you a chance to make profit by helping them find more clients.

How To Open a Verified Gcash Account

1.Download the GCash mobile app through the App Store or Google Play Store.

2.Enter your mobile number. Click Next. You’ll receive a six-digit authentication code on your phone. Click “Submit Code.”

3.Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

4.Provide your information in the next pages such as name, birthdate, address, and email address.

5.Create a four-digit mobile PIN (MPIN). You’ll use the MPIN in all GCash transactions.

6.Verify your account using your camera shots of valid IDs and your selfie picture.

These are the things that I consider my benefits of advantages of you just start using GCash. So what are you waiting for!? Hope this post is helpful to you and have a good day!