Have you ever heard about GCash and why most people talked it about everytime? For those of you who's has no clue what it is, this page will cover you the most important features that will be useful to you in your everyday life. Let's begin.

What Is GCash?

what is gcash

Basically, GCASH is a product of Globe(Telecommunications Company in the Philippines) is a virtual wallet service offered for their mobile subscribers (postpaid or prepaid). It allows any Globe or TM (Touch Mobile) user to send and receive money, pay bills, buy prepaid load, and even to use the American Express Virtual Pay service (a real AMEX credit card that works as a debit card).

You may say so what its from globe what can you do with GCash? Actually there are so many benefits that you can use with GCash and that is it helps us makes life easy and saves us time. Here's the list of benefits that you can have using Globe GCash.

Top List How To Use Globe GCash:

1.Buy load for yourself or Sell load to other people at the same time.

2.Save money on your GCash account and earn 3% interest annually.

3.You can invest money using one of the features of GCash which gives you to double more interest in your GCash account.

4.Pay your bills(Saves you time without falling in line.)

5.Use it as your AMEX Virtual Pay money source and shop online, anytime, anywhere

6.Buy online and have it shipped in the Philippines, for a low-cost rate via My Shopping Box and GCASH partnership


8.Transfer money from abroad to your loved ones (and have them withdraw it conveniently via the GCASH ATM Card)

9.Accept payments for your services or pay for theirs

10.Use it locally as a debit card or mobile wallet

So you see now what makes it more interesting to have your GCash on your smartphone. Now if you are interested how to stat with GCash, here are the steps to do it.

How To Open a Verified Gcash Account

1.Download the GCash mobile app through the App Store or Google Play Store.

2.Enter your mobile number. Click Next. You’ll receive a six-digit authentication code on your phone. Click “Submit Code.”

3.Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

4.Provide your information in the next pages such as name, birthdate, address, and email address.

5.Create a four-digit mobile PIN (MPIN). You’ll use the MPIN in all GCash transactions.

6.Verify your account using your camera shots of valid IDs and your selfie picture.

Before I end this page let me give you a final convincing reason to use GCash. Today Cashless is the way forward, especially when thieves of all kinds and types can smell the cash from afar. GCASH has positioned itself for the past 10 years to be your secondary wallet, a mobile and virtual one combined. This will help you to be less worried and safer to pay on the go without carrying a physical money to buy anywhere.