Dont know or no idea where and how to get SSS PRN or Payment Reference Number to able to pay SSS contribution online without going to the nearest SSS branch all the time? I will help you how to get it but first let me give you an idea what is PRN.

What is Payment Reference Number(PRN)

Get SSS prn

The mandatory use of SSS Payment Reference Number (PRN) was rolled out following the Real-time Posting of Contribution Payments (RTPC) project.

Every contribution must now have a PRN. Overseas Filipino workers who are SSS members can pay their contributions monthly, quarterly or annually. With PRN its easier now to pay online anywhere.

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How To Get SSS Payment Reference Number(PRN)

There's a lot of blog and websites that will tell you how to get your own SSS Payment Reference Number in different ways but in this page I will tell you how I got my PRN. And that is through SSS Mobile App and going Directly to SSS branch. Note that you only need this to create an SSS account only once and you can already generate PRNs multiple times on your account.

Getting PRN Through SSS Mobile App

To get your PRN, you need to download the SSS Mobile app on play store,actually everything is straight forward when you try to register because once you already created your account, you can see everything about your SSS account and create PRNs but first to able to create an account they will ask you some question about the details when the time you applied for SSS, now if ever you forget some of the details and won't match the records they had it will reject your registration/application but if you still remember then this won't be the issue.

Creating Account For SSS Mobile App Through SSS Branch

If in case you are getting problem when registering an account on the SSS mobile app, this would be the right move to get an activated SSS mobile app account is through asking assistant making an account at SSS branch.

When you have successfully created an SSS mobile app account, its easy to generate Payment Reference Number anytime you want. Note that the account can also use either in their mobile app and on their website to generate PRNs.