why your business needs a website

Do you think you don't  need a website for your business? No matter what your business or profession, a website can generate business and it works 100% and here's why!

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Long time ago yellow pages were use to find businesses. The telephone was a disruptive new technology before in the late 1800s and consumers used yellow page to find businesses but with only limited access like name of a person or name of the company with assigned telephone numbers thats just it but still it's the only resources before that people use to find places. Let's fast forward to the present because the internet was already introduce and today almost everyone can access the internet and it is now the most reliable source of information specially in finding places too.

Did you know on 2019, 97% of the population are going online to find local business and if you want people to choose your company you need to be found online meaning you need a website.

You can say oh you don't need a website then my question is how will people know you exist aside from having a website?  Isn't it you're just limiting your business awareness?

There's a lot of establishment around you,  people don't want to waste their time and what they do is they search first online where to go and that's how technology works nowadays, people are now relying on the technology and you must not be left behind.

Why Your Business Needs a Website? Here are the Benefits! 

Your Business Will Gain Credibility 

97% of people are searching online for solutions for their problems, for example comparing prices or just to get information about the store or knowing what foods you sell on your restaurants or knowing what roducts or services you offer. If you don't have a website,  customers might go to your potential competitors that has a website that might answer their problems.

Because having a website will not just provide the information that they are looking for,  but it will give your business a credibiliy.

Customers Can Kept Informed

Think of a website as an online brochure or catalogue that can be update at any time. 

You can also give an announcements whats happening in your business or what's new. 

Your Business Will Always be Accessible

In your business you don't need to be there always, you can use your website to received inquiries, feedbacks and inform your consumers or customers on what they need to know.  But what's great is even your physical business establishment is already close,  you website is still available 24/7.

Your Website Can Get Wider Audience

Your website can be accessible around the world not just in local places but international, soon enough if your business starts growing you get start making your business worldwide. 

You Can Showcase Your Work

If your profession or business are services like lawyers  painters and etc.  You can showcase your finish projects on your website telling your potential customers that you already made those work and you can serve your new customers the way you did from your previous customers or clients. 

Your Website Represents Your Professionalism 

If you got a beautiful/professional website your customers feels how serious you are in your business specially when your website already has the complete information customers need before they go to your establishment.

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