why google Adsense ads is not showing on blog

Are you experiencing after a long time since you applied for google ads on your blog, suddenly ads stops showing? If you have no clue what just happen then let me guide you how to troubleshoot your google Adsense issue.

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Why Google Adsense Ads Is Not Showing On Blog? Here's How to Troubleshoot!

Check Your Adsense Code

Before we go to any conclusions, first step would be make sure that the adsense ad code that was given to you by google is correctly implemented in your site. You can do this by viewing the source code in your site or where you put the ad code last time. 

Your Google Adsense Application Have Been Disapprove 

If your Adsense application was disapproved, google automatically instruct the system not to serve google ads on your blog. To verify check your email right away and if you are truly disapproved you need to reapply. If you are not disapprove we can proceed to the next one. 

Your Browser Might Have Ad Blocker

Commonly if you have installed an ad blocker and you forgot to uninstall it, maybe its the right time to remove it. If you're sure you don't have ad blocker, I recommend that you clear your browser cache and delete your cookies before trying to access your site again. 

You Implemented the Ad Code on the Wrong Domain

If it happen that you have change your domain name it could be the reason why ads disappear, google adsense automatically check if the ads is in the right domain name address just to avoid abuses. If it happen the ad code is in the wrong domain name registered to your google account,  then that new domain will need to reapply on the same google Adsense account. 

You Did Not Implemented Your PIN Before the Due Date

After you have gain approval to your google adsense account, the next 3-4 weeks you will get a mail from post that came from google that contains your personal google PIN, this is use to verify if you are truly the owner of the approved google Adsense. If you failed to use this PIN, your ads might disappear. If you have trouble receiving your PIN you can visit phone and address verification tab. 

Check Your Google Adsense Account

If the previous troubleshoot tips have not solve your problem, the last option would be check your google adsense account, and if there's really problem with your google Adsense account, you will receive a notification from them and they will give you some troubleshooting tips on how to fix the problem. 

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