Why does your blog ranking dropped on google

Every bloggers and webmasters aims to increase their blog's visibility and suddenly we notice our blog ranking suddenly drop and as it goes older it's dropping and we are starting to get curious why does our blog ranking dropped on google?

 If you are starting to experience this,  I'll tell you why, in this page I will tell you everything you need to know why your blog ranking dropped and how to avoid it.

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Google rank websites and blogs base on different ranking factor including domain and page authority, quality, activity and overall popularity.

It's not just you who is experiencing a sudden decrease over a period of time and to help you understand and to restore your blog's rank,  here are the things you need to understand so you can able to counter the drop of your blog's ranking.

Why Does Your Blog Ranking Decreases Or Drop On Google? 

Your Competitor is Getting Broader

Blogging pages changes position on google because of the growing number of competition overtime. One reason is if your competitor have generated links pointing back to their blog and that is what I call Backlinks.

Second reason why other competitor is getting on top of you is when their blog is receiving more pageviews than you and that is what I call popularity and as a result, google will prioritize blogs which has more pageviews than your blog. 

Google Dance

As number of blogs and websites increases submitted to google, google may reindex pages properly and places those each pages where it belong including your pages, if your blog pages had been for a long time,  you may find your pages decreases on search result or sometimes disappear on SERP or Search Engine Result Page and sometimes your pages suddenly jump and this is generally known as google dance because google is actively analyzes your overall ranking factor along with your competitors too. 

Lack or Not Competitive Content

One of google factor to rank blog pages is the number of words per blog post,  I cannot guarantee that long post is the key to ranking pages but most of the time longer post gets to the top always but I also seen short blog post also rank well on google so in conclusion as long your blog post serve people interest it will always be found on Google. 

Irrelevant Content

I have told you earlier that pageviews also plays a role to ranking your pages, if google see that people are browsing more on your pages, google consider your pages more relevant to search result and place them on top. 

Theoretically micro niche have more chance in ranking pages because they are more excellent in making visitors browse more pages in the blog because the topics in the blog are relevant from each other. 

In my opinion if you can make more pageviews within your blog, those pages will have a better chance to rank on google. 

Hope you have learn something from this page, if ever you have doubts or you want to add value on this page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you my response. Thank you for having time reading on this page and good luck to you.