host free wordpress self hosted website

For most newbie webmasters wanna be, WordPress website is the best platform to start with because WordPress self hosted website is designed for non-tech savvy users, meaning WordPress is the best CMS platform to people who want to start a website but don't have knowledge in web development.

So is it possible to host a free WordPress self hosted website?

The answer is YES!

Its possible, but you need to find for a web hosting website that offers a free hosting.

There are lots of free hosting websites on the web but which one should you use? To save you time and trouble which web hosting comoany to use, this is what I am going to share to you on this page.

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Is It Possible To Host a Free WordPress Self-Hosted Website?  If Yes! Which One?

What Is AwardSpace? 

AwardSpace is one of the top 10 web hosting company providers in the world with more than 2.5 million customers. AwardSpace claims to deliver easy-to-use hosting services so that anyone can get online fast. 

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Why I Recommend & Why You Should Choose AwardSpace? 

AwardSpace is committed to customers and their users needs remains the top priority.

The good thing what I like with AwardSpace is that they were alread5yoffering free hosting since 2003 and it only proves that they are already experts with these kind of business. 

The Disadvantages Of A Free Hosting

Like every other web hosting company that offers free hosting, usually they have similarities disadvantage but what's great with AwardSpace is that they are in the business for too long. 

List Of Disadvantages Of a Free Hosting

Free Hosting has Limits

Web hosting that offers free hosting is a business, they only offer free because the company want you to try their services, they will give you limited space/storage and what's important is the bandwidth,  if your site has limited bandwidth when you reach the limited visits your site will going to be down and resets after every month. So for beginners its still fine if you still have few visitors per day but if your audience started to grow your really need to upgrade your account. 

Account Might Be Deleted

Even hosting company offer free hosting services,  they still need to clean their space that are unused for a long time and to avoid being included on the cleanup, you need to login twice a month to your account. 

By Default You Only Use Subdomain

When you choose free hosting, you are given an option either to purchase your own domain name or use their available subdomain, if you ask my suggestion, subdomain are not advisable if you want to have a memorable business brand,  because when you use subdomain,  your address will going to be long and longer domain name are not valued by serious clients

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