Is it possible to get google Adsense for your free blogger blog

Do you have a blogger(blogspot) blog and you plan to get google Adsense? And because it's free you might now doubting that if it is possible to get google Adsense for a free blogger blog? In this page I will tell you everything you need to know about google Adsense and if it's really possible to get one.

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If you heard about WordPress,  WordPress is another platform like blogger but most people love blogger for it's user friendliness and mostly WordPress website owners do not usually promote google Adsense on their site for some reasons it cannot balance how much their earn on google Adsense and their yearly expenses on their website specially for newbie sites this usually happen,  I am not telling all WordPress users do that but most of them.

If you observe most expert webmasters that uses WordPress,  you mostly won't see any Adsense on their site and most of them are showing affiliate programs links and banners.

Is It Possible To Get Google Adword For Your Free Blogger Blog? 

My short answer would be YES!

You can add google Adsense to any platform as long you follow Google terms of Service

So why will not google allow blogger blogs to have Google Adsense?  For your information blogger is also a product of google and google uses blogger to maximize their ad network revenue with the help of bloggers like us that add google Adsense on a blogger blog. 

How To Get Google Adsense For Your Free Blogger Blog? 

I prepared a video for your to more easy to follow step-by-step. Here is it!

If you need to know complete information to get google adsense approval you can read my How To Get Google Adsense For Your Blogger Blog.

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