Is page speed really important to rank a blog

Every webmasters want to rank their blog specially on google but is page speed really important to rank a blog? Maybe you have been hearing a lot about page speed that is why you came here on my page to clear things up and I would like to congratulate you that you are on the right page. In this page I will tell you what you need to know about page speed and is it really important to reduce the page load time of your blog? Lets see.

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What Is Page Speed

Before we get to my answer, let me give you a short definition of page speed. According to Moz page speed is often confused with site speed which is actually the page speed. Page speed can be described in either page load time meaning page speed is how quickly page finalize it's loading. 

Is Page Speed Really Important To Rank a Blog? 

My short answer would be is "not really".

I have seen and able to compare some website with different load time using, and I have seen 3 seconds load time website that have outrank a less than 1 second website. 

But do you really need to reduce your website's pages speed? 

Absolutely yes! Why? 

Even I told you earlier not really doesn't mean you need not to focus on page speed. 

Google is a business and they want what's good for their users and your blog should at least has a page load time of not more than 3 seconds. Why?  Have you visited a website that loads slow like a turtle. I know what you would do, you would close that website and look for another one, guess what will happen to that website?  "High bounce rate".

If more visitors will not stay longer on your blog, google will look at your blog as having low quality content and will put some other blogs in your position on google search results which is not good if you are aiming to get high traffic. If you got a long load speed here are the things you should do. 

How To Reduce Blog Page Speed Load Time? 

Optimize Your Images

Everytime a visitors visits a page on your blog the very slow part when a visitor loads a page is the images or pictures. And to reduce the loading time, optimizing your image is the solution.

Ways to Optimize Your Images
  • Resize Your Images
  • Compressed Your Images
  • Apply LazyLoad

Use Simple Themes / Templates

Heavy effects is equivalent to heavy file load time. If you want faster website, you need to choose templates or themes with a minimalist style. 

Choose Fast Web Hosting

If you are not using Blogger platform. You need to look for web hosting that promotes blazing fast servers or if you have budget, you can purchase VPS server for your website where you rent a whole server for your website to guarantee your website gets high speed but it will cost you more. 

Make Use Of CDNs

CDN or Content Delivery Network are networks of servers that is placed around the world. If you are not using a CDN then your site will load from the original server and if your website is visited by a visitor who is far away from your original server,  it will cost you a delay to access your site. The idea of CDN is that it creates a duplicate copy of your website and stores to all of the servers of the CDN that creates a nearer access for your visitors that avoid causing delay or expand potential load time. 

Hope you have learn something from this post. If ever you have doubts or you want to add value on this page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you my response. Thank you for having time reading on this page and good luck to you!