how to know if bots or real people is visiting your blog or website

Did you tried checking two or three blog or website's statistics plugins or apps and they show different results? And now your curious how to know if real people or bots are visiting your site? In this page I will tell you everything you need to learn about bots. Let's not further delay,  let begin!

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So you can understand more clearly the difference between a bot and a real person let's talk about first what are bots.

What Are Bots For Beginners? 

A bot or website bot or in other words internet bots is an automated software that runs a task on different websites. There are two types of bots in the internet which I call legitimate bots which are not harmful and there are also bots that are bad ones that are harmful and I am going to explain them today one by one. 

Good Bots

Spider Bots, Spider bots are not that crawls pages and index it on search engines. 

Media Bots, Media Bots are used to update specific types of content such as weather, news, sports and etc. 

Bad Bots

Scraper Bots, A scraper bot will copy the content from a website they crawl which include images, written content and etc. 

Hacker Bots, These kind of bots are bots that focus on finding security vulnerabilities to hack a website. 

Are Bots Bad For Your Website? 

Most of the time not because internet bots are used by search engines to index pages on your website or blog,  if not because of these bots your pages won't be found on Google, bing or in other search engines. 

How To Know If Real People Or Bots Are Visiting Your Site? 

There are many ways to know if a real person or bots are coming to your site but in this page I will teach you how to get real counts from real people and I will teach you how to know if they are real people or just a bot using Google Analytics. 

In the Google Analytics they collect visit counts both real people and bots coming to your site,  now to know the real number of people coming to your site, you need to configure properly your google analytics and here's a video how to identity bot traffic. 

Hope you have learn something from this page. If ever you have doubts or you want to add value on this page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you my reply. Thank you for having time reading on my page and good luck to you!