how to find writer for your blog

Are you looking for a writer? Is your blog growing or you know you are going to be busy in the coming days and you need someone to write for you when you're out?

Writing for a quality content for your blog is not an easy task and it takes long time of research and understanding before we can write a high quality blog post.

To some it's too hard for them to write a content because firstly it doesn't come naturally for them, secondly it's not your favorite thing to do and thirdly you love to writing but you don't have the enough time to commit to a regular writing new blog posts.

In this page I will tell you everything you need to know so you can find writers for your blog.

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How To Find a Writer For Your Growing Blog? Here's How! 

Hire Me

If by chance you found this page on google or in other search engines, it only proves that my writing skills for SEO is competitive. It also means that if it happens in my blog,  your blog also has an increase rate of visibility if I will be your writer. You can browse my other blog posts to see how I write and if ever it gets your attention then you can email me right away or message me in my facebook fan page. 

If you plan to hire me I only accept payments through PayPal because PayPal can be use as proof of statement where to or from who you did the transaction. 

My pricing is not too expensive for a quality work. 50 USD for 800 words and 100 USD for 1200 words. 

To start the project I require my clients to make a 50% deposit for my security because I tried multiple times before submitting work first before receiving payments and I always end up not getting paid. 

My work has proven to be competitive and has high visibility rate because I write what people are looking for so if you are interested to hire me,  you can send me a mail.

Search Other Freelancer

If you want to look for other freelancers because you don't like my price for a quality work, you can go to this ff. freelancing sites:

Invite Guest Blogger

Guest bloggers are writer/bloggers that offers free writing in exchange for backlinks but be warned there are only few legit guest bloggers on the web because most of them are content scrapers and low quality content writers that writes content that has low chance to have a high search visibility because most of guest bloggers content are not fully original written. 

Find Writers on Social Media

Social media site is where people hang around when they are not busy and there are groups where writers are waiting for clients and you can joins those groups and scout for a writer that suits to your needs. 


Before I end this post, let me remind you that even there are free ways to get writers, I cannot guarantee you it's high quality, but if you want to make sure every post publish in your blog is not spam or garbage,  you should hire for a quality writer. 

Hope you have learn something from this page, if ever you have doubts or you want to add value on this page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you my response.thank you for having time reading on this page and good luck to you.