How to make your blog ranking higher on google search

Ranking your blog higher on google is not an easy task but I am not saying its impossible to make it happen. If you want to know how to make your blog ranking higher on google search then this is the right page for you. I will tell you everything you need to learn how to rank your blog higher on google search.

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To rank higher on google you must find a way how you can get more organic visitors on your pages because google need more data on how people behaves on your pages before they will give your blog more ranking score.

Google search result algorithm is very complicated to predict on how google show blog pages on google search result,  but what I'm sure of is that its not impossible for your blog post to be seen on google as long your content is very needed.

To make sure you will be seen on google search,  you need to follow this SEO tips and tricks that I prepared for you.

How To Make Your Blog Ranking Higher On Google Search Using Proper SEO

Write More Specific Blog Topic

To easily be visible on search engine you need to make your blog out of the broad competition. before google will show your post to their users on google search they need to know what keywords are present on your content. For example your blog post is all about "pets",one word pet has a really broad competition keyword. To make it out of the very broad competition, for example lets make your topic all about "Do Pets Play Balls on Snow? ". In this way you are not just competing  with Pets keyword but also "Play","Balls","Snow" and "Pets". And when google's users included these following keywords that I mentioned in their search query,  your blog will often show on Google Search that's for sure! 

Place Your Keywords Properly

After writing your awesome blog post, before hitting the publish button, never forget to include your keywords on the following parts of your blog post. 

The Title Tag, This is the title of the blog and is the first thing a reader will see. It’s the piece of text that will show up in the search results and on the opened browser tab.

The Meta Description, The meta description is a paragraph of text that shows up under the title in the search results. It describes what the post is about.

The URL, The primary keyword or long-tail keywords should always appear in the URL, so Google’s crawlers can easily index the post.
The Header: This is the title of the blog post that shows up on the page and other places on the website.

The First Paragraph, It’s important that the primary keyword(s) of the post feature in the first few sentences of the text.
The Body of the Text: The primary keyword(s) should feature again once or twice in the rest of the blog post.

Build Backlinks

One of the major Google ranking factor is Backlink,  if you have high number of high quality backlinks(websites with higher domain authority)  your blog pages has a bigger chance rate to increase its position on search results,that's the idea when you are having quality Backlink in your site. But be warned when building links, be sure that website that links to your blog must have higher domain authority than your blog to avoid from being penalize by google. 

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Lower Your Blog Bounce Rate

One of the Google ranking factor to rank pages is bounce rate. Google uses bounce rate to determine if your content is worthy in the first page of google,  they need to know if people stay longer on your pages because when people stay longer on your pages, to google it only mean that your content is valuable to people.

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To easily be found on Google, all you need to do is follow these tips that i have shared with you.  But be warned, this won't get you overnight result even SEO gurus can't do anything about it because its up to google when to show your pages but base on my experience by following these tips, you will start to get organic traffic from your latest post post after 3-4 months.

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Hope you have learn something from this page. If ever you have doubts or you want to add value on this page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you my response. Thank you for having time reading on my page and google luck to you.