can a wix website rank on google

Are you planning to use wix to start a blog or a website or maybe you already have one but you are not sure if it can rank on google? To rank a wix website on google I will tell you everything you need to know about wix and if theres a chance to rank a wix website on google.

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To rank a website on google, you need to learn SEO or Search Engine Optimization for your website for people to able to found your website on google, but how are you going to do it on a wix website?

Can a Wix Website Rank on Google? 

The short answer is YES! 

A lot of webmaster says that most website rank on google are WordPress websites well I don't believe with that because google is very fair and transparent with their business and that is why a lot of webmasters believe on google that it can give them huge number of traffic.

One reason why there are a lot of noise about WordPress because it's more cheaper and user friendly for mid tech savvy users and if you have no knowledge with deep web development it's okay you can stick with Wix.

Second reason why  there's a lot of noise about WordPress is because a lot of internet marketers sells web hosting packages on the web and in result is there's more WordPress users on the web than any other platform.  If you analyzed it more carefully the reason why there are more noise about WordPress is because a lot of webmasters want to earn and they endorse WordPress to sell web hosting packages and that's the summary reason why there's more WordPress website and it's not because its the best WordPress platform, meaning any platform has the chance to rank and in this page I will share you how to rank a wix website.

So if you are thinking that WordPress is the best website platform to start a website well I don't think so. To rank website on google, google collects keywords(text base)  from your page and google uses it to match the search query of their users,  meaning the platform has nothing to do in ranking a website. 

We use SEO to make sure that google's users find our website and without the right SEO practices you might experience this kind of situation " A user search for information about apple fruit and google shows information about apple iphones" which is not good for webmasters who are targeting the right people in their page. 

How To Do Proper SEO Techniques For Wix

When Will Your Wix Website Rank On Google? 

Like any other platform a lot of webmaster gets confuse and starting to get discourage why their websites are not showing on google and it's normal for new sites,  and it's called google sandbox,  normally a new site starts to get few traffic from google after 4-6 months because in between of 1st-6th months of your new site google is just starting collecting keywords on your pages and to make sure google crawls your site for keywords, you need to make sure that every post or page you make must be submitted on google search console

If you followed the SEO tips that i shared to you in the video, then you have successfully optimize your pages to increase its google search visibility and you just need to wait for the traffic to happen. To give you more tips about getting for traffic from google you might love to read my How Long Does It Take To Get Traffic From Google.

Hope you have learn something from this page. If ever you have doubts or you want to add value on this page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you my response. Thank you for having time reading on my page and good luck to you!