Why your blog domain authority score decrease

Every year there are blogs that are experiencing a decrease of their domain authority score and thats an indication that your blog has a chance for it's rank to go down and if you are seriously worry about this then you need to read this post.

There are various reasons why you are experiencing a decrease of domain authority and it only tells you that you have done something wrong with your blog site.

To able to make things right, I have listed the things that is harming your blog site's domain authority so you can take action as soon as possible so you won't do things again that will continue in decreasing your domain authority and here are the reasons why your domain authority is decreasing.

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4 Reasons Why Your Blog Domain Authority Score Decrease

Bad Links To Your Blog

We all know that link building or building backlinks to our blog is one way to improve a blog's ranking but be sure that the websites that points to your blog have better domain authority score because even just one bad link can pull down your blog's domain authority score seriously. 

Poor Quality Content

Poor quality content are content below 500 words or content that are not interesting to search on google. If your content are interesting and informative people will surely going to search for that content on Google. If people don't search for that topic on google, it only means that your content is poor or not informative.  To solve this problem focus on topics that has high search volume meaning think of a blog post title and include how people are going to type on google search engines.

Google consider content high quality when they receive signal clicks on search engine and if your blog posts are truly high quality people will search for it and click your blog posts title on search engine.

Bounce Rate is Poor

Google aim to offer high quality content to their users on their product and google knows that if your content is a high quality content and it is when people stays longer on your blog. If you want to know more about bounce rate and how people will stay longer on your blog, you can read my What is Bounce Rate For Dummies and How To Make Your Visitors Stay Longer on Your Blog

Monthly Traffic Is Decreasing

One of the factor why your domain authority increases is because your blog is experiencing a stable traffic or an increase daily traffic. If you want to get more ideas how to get more traffic from google maybe you might want to read my How Long Does It Take To Get More Traffic From Google

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