What are the benefits of SSL CERTIFICATE for blog and website

Do you have a blog or a website but you don't have SSL Certificate enabled on your site and now you wonder if what is the benefit of SSL certificate? Well in this page I will tell you everything you need to know about SSL Certificate and why you need it.

If you have a new blog or a website created beyond 2019 it is necessary or a requirement that a site must be SSL certificate enabled or a site must have HTTPS:// before the domain name because the internet is evolving and the internet aims to offer better user experience for their users and here's why!

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What is the Benefit of SSL certificate For Website or Blog? 

In the video that I got, it only shares for benefits of SSL certificate and below I got 5 benefits and if in case  the video is unavailable you can still read the 5 benefits below. 

SSL Protects Data

The main reason why SSL certificate must be present on our site is because,  it protects data coming in and out of the website,  it's keeps data encrypted coming in and out of our site giving our visitors safe from identity theft. 

It Supports Your Identity

If you enabled SSL certificate on your website,  it only shows that you value your user's safety,  and that is enough to make your visitors to trust your site more. 

It Helps Your Site To Rank Better On Google

Since google aim  what is best for their users, google added in their algorithm to push higher a website or blog that has SSL certificate or website that has HTTPS:// before the domain name because google support a better security for their users who uses their search engine. 

Your Making Your Site Visitors Feel Safe Purchasing Products On Your Site

If you sell something on your website or blog, by enabling SSL certificate on your blog or website,  it makes your buyers less worry because they know their card details is safe and encrypted because you have SSL certificate on your website.

Google SSL Certificate Is Mandatory

Starting 2018 and onwards google have flag websites that do not have SSL certificate on their websites. If anyone fail to comply with this rule, the popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox fox, when someone uses this following browsers and visited websites that has no SSL certificate, they show this on the browser. 
SSL certificate not secure

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