What are the benefits of having a blog

Do you plan to start a blog or you already have a blog but you still didn't figured out what are the benefits of having a blog? If that's a yes then you are in the right page.

In this page I will be discussing and sharing you the achievable and realistic benefits when you have a blog or if you plan to start a blog in the future.

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7 Biggest Benefits of Having a Blog Today

You Get a Better Job

If you will just do a little research you will know that there are already a lot of people who are already making a living by just starting a blog and when trying to grow it. 

Most of the blogger became self employed and they earn x10 more than compare to a normal salary job. 

You Can Start Your Own Business

Blogging is not just an opportunity to make money or to make a living out of it, blogging is also all about building your business that you truly own. 

When you have a blog that is getting a lot of visitors everyday coming to your blog, it's going to easy for you to do business with your audience. 

Blogging Helps You Improved Your Writing Skill

When I started blogging at first my writing sucks, more often my grammar was awful but after time after time I learn to fix my English and my grammar because I wanted to be a great blogger and also to make money, so it pushes me to develop more of my writing and I able to develop my writing in no time.

You Can Easily Sell Product

When you able to drag people continuesly to your blog for example if you can attract 100,000 monthly visits to your blog,  it is not already hard to sell more than 10 products a day because you are not just attracting reader to your blog,  you are also attracting potential targeted customers that might buy products from you that you endorsing on your blog. 

You Are Able To Help Others

Writing for your blog is not just all about making money, the reason why people go to your blog because your content were useful to them,  and thats the good thing about blogging,  you are not helping people to solve their problem, you are also making money at the same time. 

You Are Able To Help Small Businesses

There are some small businesses who needs blogger who can help them expose more of their products and services and in exchange they are going to give you freebies or pay you money depending on your agreement. 

Hope you have learn something from this page, if ever you have doubts, question or you want to add value on this page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you my response.