Is it safe to use free domain name from freenom

Do you plan to use free domain name for your website? Dont you have your own domain name for your website and eventually you discovered freenom because they offer a free domain name service? And after you discovered freenom, you feel that because it's free,  is it safe to use their service? In this page I will discuss the thing that you should know before trying freenom.

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What Is Freenom

According to Freenom, formerly freedom registry is a registry operator that administers the .TK and .ML domain extensions. Through its subsidiaries. TK and .ML , the company provides free other domain registration, domain monetization services and support services. 

My Opinion About Freenom

Even there are some issues with other freedom users, I can clearly say freedom free domain name service are legit and for some users who has complain about their domain name disappearing on their freedom domain,  this might be the reason. 

"You get what you pay for. Because they offer free they include some limitation.  One of the things that freedom does not allow is domain squatting or illegal action to use as deceiving people for profit is not allowed and unused domain name will also be cancelled.

Freenom has their own automated traffic analytics that observes traffic flow and if your domain name from freenom is not getting any traffic, your domain name might be cancelled.

One of the limitation that freenom has include in their limited service for free user is that they won't remind you if your domain name is about to expired so you have to have your own reminders 15 days before the expiry date.

Is it Really Safe To Use Free Domain Name From Freenom

I can say it's safe to use free domain name from freenom but you must first be aware of the limitation. The reason why there are some users complaining with their service is because they do not understand why they experience this kinds of issues and that is what I am sharing  to you in this article for you to understand these disadvantages but if you don't have money,  you can use freenom for your website but if you have money why not buy a paid domain name on freenom or you can go to NameCheap if you like more trusted domain name registrar. 

If you want to test freenom yourself feel free to do it.

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