Reasons why you should choose google blogger blogspot platform

What blogging platform are you using today? Is it blogger(blogspot) or other CMS platform? If you need some advice, I will give you the reasons why you should choose google blogger for your blog than any other CMS platform out there.

Why I am writing about this?

Obviously I am also using a Google blogger platform, when I was browsing on the internet I found an article telling negative opinion against blogger platform so I decided maybe it's time to share people that blogger is an awesome platform by sharing you reasons why you should stick to blogger as your blogging platform.

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8 Huge Reasons Why You Should Choose Google Blogger Platform As Your CMS Platform

It's Free

Blogger(blogspot) is not just an awesome platform to start a blog,  blogger also gave us the opportunity to start a blog for free and because it's free we do not need to spend money to able to reach out to people and to able to share information on the web. 

You Only Need To Spend For Domain Name

Because blogger is a free platform to start a blog, it gave us the opportunity to save more money because you only need to have your own custom domain name for your blog to have your own brand. 

It's not true that it's hard to rank a blogger platform, to able to build backlinks to other site, you just need to have your own domain name to gain trust from other websites. 

Blogger is More Faster Than Any Other Platform

Google already announce that they are mostly to prioritize ranking a site that loads faster, that is the reason why google encourage sites who are using other platform to be AMP enable to offer their users a more user friendly environment and google platform itself is faster without enabling AMP on the pages because the code uses on the templates are simplified and they are hosted already on google blazing servers. 

It's Easy To Build Domain Authority 

Because blogger platform is free it's easy to grow it's domain authority because one of the major factor to grow your domain authority is domain age.  One of the reasons also why most blogs fail is because its easy for blogger to quit blogging specially if there is no ROI or Return of Investment and because blogger is free and you only need a domain name.  It's not really painful when results are not yet coming to you. 

Google Owns Blogger Blogspot

If you are still not aware about blogger, blogger is own by google and google keeps blogger platform to be more user friendly as days goes by, until now they support google blogger platform because it helps them to show their ads to a lot of people with the help of the bloggers that uses their platform because other bloggers uses other platform like self hosted blog for promoting affiliate programs and google uses blogger platform so their users promote more google Adsense ads on their blog. 

Google Guides You How To Be a Professional Blogger

There are some rumors that might tell that you don't own your blog on blogger because google can remove your blog anytime they want,  actually it's only half of the truth,  the reason why google remove some blogs is because they are just spams and sometimes they only copied other content from other website,  to stop this none sense activities google made a content policy to have balance to the blogosphere to avoid illegal actions and guide blogger users to be more professional and a responsible blogger so if you just google's guideline you have nothing to worry about.  

It's Easy To Get Google Adsense

Because blogger is free and google gave us the opportunity to monetize your blogger blog, for some there are some who are still having problem getting Google Adsense approval, don't worry I have written I topic for  that called How To Get Google Adsense Approval for Blogger Blogspot

It's Easy To Design A Blogger Site

Because a lot of users are into using a blogger platform, it's just easy to change the design of a blogger platform, you just need to change the template.  If you need more information how to design a blogger blog, you can read my How To Design a Professional Blogger Blog

Hope you have learn something from this blog. If ever you have doubts or you want to add value on this page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you my response. Thank you again for having time reading on this page and good luck to you!