How to rank a high competition blog post topics

Are you looking for a way to rank your high competitition blog post topics? Getting a lot of traffic from search engine like google is not just about ranking your domain name or gaining more domain authority, its your blog post that attracts organic traffic.

In this page let's focus more on how to rank our blog post specially with high search volume blog post.

Because there are millions of websites all over the world we cannot avoid a niche that has high competition topics, so as a blogger this could be a good topic to talk about on how are we going to rank a blog post that has a high competition topics  and what should we do to win the competition.

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How To Rank a High Competition Blog Post Topics

Base on my experience a blog post needs to be 4-6 months old before it will show on SERP. meaning new blog post will need to age longer because google needs to collect and scans your new blog post for more keyword and after 4-6 months your old blog post will start to show often to search engine and will get organic traffic but it will not yet attract too much organic traffic yet because it's not fully trusted by google because google still wants to collect data how your visitors will behave on your site, after 12 months your blog will attract traffic to double because some of your old blog post has proven it's usefulness to your readers. 

Now that I taught you what will happen to your blog in the future, to make things sure that this timeline will also happen to your blog,  the next thing you need to do is to set things up before google will grant you a stable visibility. Here are the things you need to do. 

What You Need To Do Everyday When Your Blog Post Are Still Not Often Showing on Google? 

Word Count Matter

Even there are some bloggers post that still rank even their word count is below minimum but just to make sure your chances are up you need to consider the volume of words on your blog post topics, as possible make your every blog post not below 600-800 words per blog post.

Keyword Must Be Well In Place

For Google to show your blog to the right audience who are really looking for your blog post, you need to place your keywords right,  for example you choose a topic called "How to Take Care Of Your Dogs" these keywords must be present on your URL, First Paragraph of your blog post, Metadescription, on your H1 and h2 and scattered in between of your blog post. 

Write New Blogs Post Everytime

If you cant write 1 blog post everyday then even just 3x a week is already fine as long you send google a signal that your blog is always active,  and google will love to crawl your blog and give your blog a ranking score more often. 

Write More Specific Topics

Having a high competition blog post takes time to rank on google and while it's still not fully rank well, write more specific topics that will be out of the competition or even just be in a less competition so whenever someone search some content on Google your blog post will easily and often show up on google search result page or SERP.

Internal Linking

When you're writing new content never forget to sell your other blog post on your newly written blog post,  so you can drive some of your traffic to your old blog post,  this is called internal linking. 

Include What People Will Ask On Google

When writing new content, depending on your niche, imagine what people are likely to type or ask on google, this will give you an idea what next blog post you are going to write on your blog. 

Keep Your Patience Longer

When ranking a blog to get more traffic, it really takes time before google will fully trust your blog.  When your blog is still new, find a way how your blog will be useful whenever someone visits your blog. 

To rank your blog as a whole including your other blog posts, find a way to make your readers stay longer and make them explore your blog by publishing an informative and interesting blog post and the chances are you will really experience the timeline that I shared with you earlier on your blog, maybe even faster. 

Hope you have learn something from this page, if ever you have doubts or you want to add value to my page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you my response. Thank you for having time reading on my page and good luck to you.