How to use Google Analytics on blogger

Do you have a blogger(blogspot) blog and you want to have Google Analytics to your blogger blog? Google analytics is a web-analytic tool that is own by google that can be use to track visitor's behavior on your site when you start installing GA on your website.

Blogger is also a product of google where users can start a blog for free, google blogger has their own statistic that collect basic data but not complete as google analytics do. In this page I will teach you how to install google analytics on your blogger blog so you can start tracking how your visitors behave on your google analytics account or google analytics app.

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How To Setup Google Analytics on Blogger

If the tracking ID is not working after you paste the tracking ID on your blogger under Settings>>Others>>Google Analytics then let's go to method 2.

Method 2

Step 1:Copy the global site tag code. 
Step 2:Create a gadget on your blogger layout on your sidebar. 
Step 3:Paste the global site code on the gadget. 

How To Test If Google Analytics Is Working

If you want to check if google analytics is working or not, just send some test traffic to your blog after you install the analytics code properly and check on your real-time visitors on your analytics dashboard. If google analytics is working properly, you will see changes in the number of your real-time statistics. 

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