How to tell if a wordpress blog is self-hosted or not

Are you getting confuse when your heard about WordPress? And you're starting to wonder if how to tell if a blog is a self-hosted or not? In this post i will be sharing you what are the difference between a self-hosted and a non self-hosted blog.

For all of you who don't know there are two types of WordPress, one is the and the other one is

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The Difference Of a WordPress Self-hosted and Non Self-Hosted

Non-Self Hosted / WordPress.Com

WordPress.Com is a non self-hosted platform where you don't need to worry about fixing your website when it gets problem or if its down, WordPress.Com will take care of the problem.  Designing a website with WordPress.Com is just picking a themes and everything will be fine.  WordPress.Com is design for people who don't know how to make a website or tech savvy but wanted to have a website.

The good thing about WordPress.Com is that you can start a blog for free but you need to use WordPress subdomain.  For example your domain will be "" and to able to use a custom domain you need to upgrade your WordPress account but their price are high compare to a self-hosted.

Self-hosted / WordPress.Org

Self-hosted or WordPress.Org is a software that came from WordPress.Com. The difference between self-hosted and non self-hosted is that in self-hosted you are in charge of the repair, maintainance and trouble shooting and picking a hosting, not compare to WordPress.Com your only problem is how to write a blog posts but in WordPress.Org the monthly price is low depending on the web hosting. 

What Is a Web Hosting? 

A Web hosting is a company that offers a web storage to host your website files online including the WordPress software. Meaning you pay them in a monthly basis for them to take care of your website files. 

The Different Benefits Of The Two WordPress

The good thing about WordPress.Com is that its less headache specially to non tech savvy people, but you need to pay higher monthly fee. While in WordPress.Org self-hosted you are in charge of everything like designing, hosting and the most headache of all is trouble shooting because it happens all the time and if you are not knowledgeable this is the very challenging part of picking a self-hosted WordPress but you only spend low monthly fee. 

There's a reason why most people go to self-hosted because they are free to make a website how they wish it to function like marketing pop-ups, collecting emails and etc but if you are not a tech savvy,  then its better to choose a WordPress.Com

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