How to sell more e-books to boost your sales

Do you own an e-book and you're finding a way how you can sell more of your e-books? If you are looking how to boost your sales of your own e-book then you are in the right page.

Every online entrepreneur always advice aspiring entrepreneurs that the best way to earn more money aside from Google adsense is selling ebooks. In this page let's assume you already have your own finish product of your own e-book if not then this is not the page for you.

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How To Boost Your E-book Sales Ideas

Sell Your E-book to Different Websites

If you're still a beginner to this selling stuff. To leverage your ways to sell your e-books one way to do it is you can try selling your e-books on other websites.  And if you don't know where to start I have listed the 2 websites that can help you sell your e-books. 

Help Readers Find Your E-books

Writing your first e-book is your first step in becoming an online entrepreneur but the true challenge is when you try to sell it to your audience. And that is where you need a blog to help you find your buyers. 

The advantage of having your own blog compare selling it to other website is that if we put it on other websites there are so many distractions for your potential buyers because the website are filled of options to choose from not like if you put it in your blog,  people will only see your e-book and nothing more.

Also with the help of your helpful blog post you are able to find the right people that has a bigger chance to have interest in buying your e-books. When some people are trying to search on google and your content show up they will get to your blog and they will notice that your blog is selling some e-books that can help them on the way that is how blog post are very effective in finding your customers, and the only thing you need to is do provide more content on your blog to leverage your e-book's exposure. If it happens that you still don't have your own blog,  you can proceed to my How to Start a Blog and Make Money for Free.

Use Ecwid to Sell E-books on Your Blog

Ecwid is the leading choice for small merchant to easily setup up a store on their website with any CMS platforms. Either you have your own product or you want to start a dropshipping business Ecwid can help you sell anything. 

Is Ecwid Free? 

To able to start a store and embed a code to your blog pages,  Ecwid is 100% free but you are only allowed to have a maximum of 10 products which is not bad for starters because you can already start selling online. If you want to learn how to start an online store in your blog, you can proceed to my How to Create an Online Store With a Blogger Blog Using Ecwid

How to Sell E-book on Your Blog With Ecwid

The good thing about Ecwid is that its easy to establish a store on any blog without the need of technical help be use the steps in setting up is pretty easy and straight forward and even a 12 years old can do it and you can already setup a store that can collect payments and shipping details in just minutes without the need of deep configurations. 

Unfortunately to start selling a digital product like e-book you need to upgrade your free account on Ecwid that starts with only $15/month, you can already add up to 100 products, sell e-book and more. 

For more details with the pricing proceed to Ecwid Pricing. 

Hope you have learn something from this page. If you have any questions from this post, feel free to comment below and I will be happy to help you out. Thanks for the time reading this post and good luck to you!