How to sell e-book on a blogger blog

Do you own a blogger(blogspot) blog and you want to level up your blogging by planning to sell an e-book on your blogger blog?

Selling e-book is one of the profitable way to make money online because selling e-books gives you a 100% profit with no cuts and no profit distribution because it's your own product.

To sell an e-book you can go to amazon Kindle or in other website to start selling your own digital product but the disadvantage when selling an e-book to other website is that its filled with other hundreds of thousands e-book that might distract customers to buy your e-book because they have many to choose from plus if you make a sale in your e-book on other website they get some percentage on your profit because your using their service which is just fine but still it's not 100% profit right?

To maximize your e-book promotion to start selling volumes, one way to make it happen is to promote it in your own blog. If it happens that you still don't have a blog you can proceed to my How To Start a Blog for FREE.

By starting a blog you are able to attract the right people that might get interested to buy your e-book not compare when you are putting your e-books on other websites, the customers has many books to choose from not compare to selling your e-book on your own blog the potential customers will only be focusing more on your e-books or what available on your site because there no other to choose from.

Plus blogging is an awesome tool to leverage your reach and finding the right people to your business. If you can write topics that are helpful and related to your e-books then you have a better outcome getting the right people to buy your digital products.

This is where blogger comes in. Compare to other CMS platform blogger is one of the best blogging platform which offer to start a blog for free and you only need to purchase for a domain name to have your own brand like mine it's

After establishing your blog it's time to put a store on your blogger blog. But how?

To start putting a store on your blogger blog, you need a third party software where you are allowed to embed a code on your blogger page. So what is that software? It's called Ecwid.

What is Ecwid

Try Ecwid Register For Free! 

Ecwid is the leading choice for small merchant to easily setup a store and start selling fast that even a non techie savvy can easily open an online store in minutes. 

The good thing what I like with ecwid is that the steps in making an online store is pretty simple and straight forward even a 12 years old child can follow the series of steps and in just 6-12 minutes and you can already have a live store for your business. 

Is Ecwid Free? 

For beginners ecwid is 100% free. As a free member account you are only allowed to add 10 products on your free member account and unfortunately if you are planning to sell a digital products like e-book, you need to upgrade your account pricing $15/months so you add up to 100 products and you can start selling e-books. 

If you need a complete info how to add a Store on your blogger blog you can proceed to my How to Create an Online Store with a Blogger Blog for Free but if you want to do an actual exploration right away you can proceed to Ecwid and Register For Free.

Hope you have learn something from this post if ever you have question on this topic feel free to comment below and I will be happy to give you my answers. Thank you for having time reading my post and good luck to you!