how to make more sales in dropshipping

Do you already own a dropshipping store but you're still not making any sales. If thats a yes then you are in the right page! Last time I discuss about What is Dropshipping and if you still haven't read it yet then you can proceed there by clicking the hyperlink found above this part.

A lot of newbie dropshippers are asking how to make more sales in their dropshipping store and that is why i decide to make a guide for you.

When dropshipping started it's less difficult to make a sale before because competition are not yet too saturated on the web but now it's different,  I am not discouraging you about dropshipping, I'm just opening your eyes so you will be ready when you starting to experience difficulties with dropshipping. Now dropshipping business is like a marathon race, it's not about who goes first who makes more sales but it's all about who's going to stay at the end who gets the most sale.

If you want to get more sales in your dropshipping  website then I am going to give you some effective ideas to boost your sales up to 50%.

Most of these ways that I am going to tell you are what most successful dropshippers do,  in some it won't work because it's a choice to succeed in a business but if your wiser then youre going to consider this tips as an awesome one in a life time tips you will ever going to need in your drop shipping business.

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How to Automate Your Drop shipping Store To Make More Sales For Beginners

Pick A Niche Store Not A General Store

When starting a dropshipping store, it's really a bad idea to  make it a general store because realistically you can't compete with big online stores. 

Dropshipping is all about finding a winning product that really make sales and offering customers a product that only few who sells.  

It makes your customers buys your product because your making your customer think your one of the only store who they can only get that product and thats how you can make more sales in dropshipping. I know other dropshippers may have some products you sell but I don't think customers will bother making their shopping life difficult by looking for an alternative store. 

Choosing a niche store will make your store much more user friendly because for example if your store sells toys and if a customer will plan to scout for uncommon or unique toys, they will think to browse your store because they know you sell different kinds of toys that they can't find in their local stores and that's how niche store works. 

Create Your Own Business Facebook Page

If you are a dropshipper then I require you to have your own facebook fan page. Facebook page is one effective tool to gather the right people who are likely to buy your product in the future, facebook page helps you leverage your dropshipping store awareness campaign.

Post Engaging Video Demos

This is still related to facebook fan page. The reason why videos are better than images because people can see how the product really perform not like images, the angle of the picture taken is fixed and customers can't see how the product can be use. Also people loves to watch videos that gives a WOW factor to them and posting it to your facebook page will attract more people who will likely to engage with your facebook page. 

Boost Your Facebook Page Post

The good thing about facebook page is that you can perform a paid advertisement for only a few dollar per thousand engagement with your previous post and its called boosted post where you can choose your target audience even its not your fan page followers they can also see your boosted post and that how boosted post work.

Add Blogging To Your Dropshipping Store

Is blogging not your type?  Well the thing is blogging today is the #1 way if you want to make a free advertisement for your dropshipping website.

By blogging and picking topics that are related to your dropshipping store's niche, this will help you gather the right people coming to your website that has a bigger chance who will likely to buy the products in your store page. 

Blogging helps you leverage your reach and by making more useful blog post you are able to multiply your leverage for people to come to your online store. 

The only disadvantage with blogging is that it just takes time for your post to be seen on the internet,  you cannot control when will your blog post will be visible on the internet but I'm sure after 6 months it will be just make sure your blog posts are well indexed and high quality

Use Your Recent Sales Popup

Recent sales pop-up are fake customers transaction that makes your store look that there are some people buying products to your store and if people lands on your blog posts and they saw the pop-ups that there are customers buying some random products on your store some of them will try to click it to see that products and they be send to your product page and that is how blogging will attract buyers to your store. 

Use Your Sidebar for Advertising

When you are able to attract readers to your blog in your dropshipping store don't waste the chance to drag more people to your store page and by adding appealing banner ads to your sidebar that redirects your readers to your front page that show your collections of items that are for sale. 

Hope you have learn something from this page. If ever you have doubts or you want to add value on this topic, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you my response. Thank you for having time reading and good luck to you!