how to make google to crawl your brand new blog

Is your blog brand new? And you are finding your way how to make google to crawl your brand new blog?

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How To Make Google To Crawl Your Brand New Blog

So you have written several new blog posts on your blog but you still don't have readers coming to your blog from google? What would be the reason for this? Is there something wrong?

Actually,  there no wrong with your blog, it's just normal that you need time for google to crawl your blog but for google to crawl your blog you need to wait weeks after google will crawl your brand new blog and index your pages but if you want to crawl your blog pages faster you can read my New Way To Index Your Blog Quickly.

After you have read my New Way To Index Your Blog Quickly it will teach you how to submit your pages on google so google will crawl your site faster than ever and everytime you have new blog post publish you should do it everytime.

Now you have learn this technique it doesn't mean that people will already find your blog posts on google, you still need to do a lot of things to rank your blog posts.  You can read my other post called How Long Does it Take To Get More Traffic From Google.

Now that you know how to make google crawl your blog maybe this is a bonus blog post for you, you might want to read my How Long Does It Really Take To Rank On Google.

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