how to keep every visitors stay longer on your blog

Are you in a quest on how to keep your visitors stay longer on your blog? Did you just learn that one of the most important google ranking factor was called bounce rate? Because it represents how your content is valuable to the eyes of google's algorithm.

And a good bounce rate is when visitors stays longer on a website but the question is how are you going to do that?

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How to Keep Every Visitor Stay Longer on Your Blog

Keep Creating Long Form Content

In the history of blogging, long form content is proven to be one of the best strategy to make a visitor stay longer because imagine if your content is only 200 words guest what in just 30 seconds people can already finish reading that kind of short content.  Now I understand why most pro bloggers always advice that longer blog post has better chance in ranking on google. 

Actually in common sense yeah longer form content may rank pretty well but if you ask me some advice I would not recommend you to write too long content because I assure you no one is going to able to finish reading that kind of content. I think in google's eyes you're going to be okay but to your audience you are just going to be another crappy long from content. 

My point is you can write long form content but never overdo it because I'm 100% sure not all of your readers will finish reading your content which will not able to let you deliver 100% of your content's value to your readers.  If you ask me how many words I recommend to a blog post,  just stick with 800-1,500 words because that number of words will surely make 80% of your readers to finish reading your content. 

Use Videos

One of the second way to make your visitors stay longer for 2 minutes or more is adding videos on your blog post because 40% of your readers enjoys watching videos than reading. 

If you can add videos that will make your visitors stay on your blog for 4-5 minutes then you will surely get a good bounce rate that may rank your blog faster. 

Practice Internal Linking

This third way is essential I require you to do it in every single of your blog post. Internal linking is a way where you refer your old blog post on your latest written post. It keeps them to stay longer on your blog because when they need more explanation on the blog post that have landed they will click to some of your links in between on that page that you have suggested them that they need to read, that can help them fully understand what your content is really talking about. 

Keep Each Blog Post Interesting and Has Relation With Each Other

I just realize why most pro bloggers always advice that a single niche site has a potential to rank faster on google than multi niche sites because base on my experience niche site makes me stay longer because since the topics are related to each one of the blog post on that blog that triggers my interest to learn more on that specific niche site. 

Website Must Load Faster

When you visit a website that loads slow do you enjoy staying longer? Me I don't!  When google search refers me a content and when it loads longer I just click back on my browser and look for another content. And that kind of behavior to your website is really going to hurt on your bounce rate. 

Make Sure Every Content Can Answer their Question

When making a blog post always aim reader's satisfaction, when looking to the title of the blog post you plan to rwrite,  just use your common sense and put yourself on your audience foot and think as an audience of your blog what you want to know if you see your blog post title. 

Avoid Doing Longer Block of Paragraphs 

When writing blog post avoid doing long blocks of paragraphs because It makes your readers boring to read because when I see long paragraphs it gives me an idea that it's not fun to read because it makes me feel it does not give me time to breath which is stressful to think. 

Also spaces makes your readers to stay longer because you are able to delay them in finishing reading your content because scrolling down also eats their time before finishing reading your blog post. 

Hope you have learn something on my blog,  if ever you have doubts on this page or you want to add value on this topic, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you my response. Thank you again for having time reading and good luck to you!