how to increase the visibility of your blog on google

When I was still starting out one of my dream was to increase the visibility of my blog on google,  I think I'm not the only one who's looking forward in getting that organic traffic,  since google is today's top search engine where billions of people are using it's not a bad idea to find a lot of ways how to increase the visibility of your blog on search engine.

Actually it was my question before, now this is my chance to answer my own question for you to learn on how to boost your visibility on google. So here it is!

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7 Ways How To Increase The Visibility

Register Your Site On Google Searcg Console

Automatically google crawl websites to websites to index pages for them to collect keywords so when a user types a search query on google and match the keywords on some of your pages they will show your content on SERP(Search Engine Result Page).

Google Search Console is a product of google where you can manually submit your blog pages to google manually for index. Compare to just waiting for google to automatically index your pages takes weeks before you get results.  But in google search console you are going to be sure your pages are index within 30 minutes. 

Make Your Blog Loads Fast

Did you know that indexing your pages depends on how fast your website run? Also there are people from google checking sites manually who gives google ranking score and if your sites load slower chances are you getting good ranking score to increase your website visibility. 

Build Backlinks

To increase your blog's visibility, you need to find a way how to rank your blog and one famous way is link building.  Link building or creating backlinks is a way where you find a way for website's to point to your blog site. If you want to learn more ways how to build Backlink, you can read my 9 Easy Ways to Build Backlink for Dummies

Aim For Informative & Quality Content 

To increase the chance that people will find your content on Google, make sure your topics are what people are looking for, depending on your niche imagine how your target audience will going to ask on google, for example How to Topics, What is Topic,  Stats Topics and etc. This are some topics that people will be searching for in the internet. So when planning to write your next topic, include what will people might type on google search query. 

Make Sure Your Blog Is Mobile Friendly

One of google ranking factor to increase your ranking and visibility at the same time is you need to have a mobile friendly site,  because today almost all users are using their smart devices to browse website and google want to offer user friendliness on their services including on mobile,  so meaning if your site is not mobile friendly google might not give you enough score to increase your visibility on google. 

Meta Description Must Be Appealing

When people go to Google and type their question or search query on google, before they click which page to go, the first thing they'll go is read first the meta description to verify if they are on the right page.

To clarify what is a meta description. Meta description are description below the title or headlines below the titles on search engine result page that is a meta description. 

Make Blog Topic More Specific

One of the final and effective way to boost traffic from google search is create a blog post that are away from the competition meaning write topics that only few write about or more specific for example instead "Is it safe to eat on restaurant " try to make it more specific to get lesser competition for example turn it into "Is it safe to eat on restaurant if you have allergy". Hope you get what I mean. 

That's it!  Thank you for having time reading on my page,  if ever you have doubts or you want to add value to this page, feel free to comment below and I will be glad to give you my response.