how to get more traffic from google search engine

Admit it we all want to achieve a passive income and to achieve it we need to find a way to get more traffic from search engine to our blog or website specially in Google  because google is the top notch search engine used by billions of people around the world. So if you are here because you're interested to make your site a money magnet then you are in the right page. 

To let you understand how to get more traffic from google search let me explain first the basics so even newbies can catch up to us before we go to advance. 

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What Exactly is Google Search Engine

Google started a goal to collect websites as a website directory for users to able to find all websites in one place thats how google primarily function until today it's how google is doing but now they includes an algorithm to remain balance and cannot be manipulated. 

What's my Exact View on Google Search Engine

For me google is still a website directory that distribute different content from multiple website's around the world,  the reason why all SEO experts cannot predicts how google work is because its purely random, it's like playing a dice expecting your number to show up, that's how google shows on search result. No one can predict when will a post show on search result but there's a clue here "It will surely show" but no one will know when. 

What Makes Your Post Delay On Getting Organic Traffic? 

One thing what makes google search unpredictable it is because when people started to see that they can monetize a website with Google search traffic,  a lot of people before are trying to manipulate google even their website's content are low quality and google don't want to be showing spam website's on their search engine because it will also make their service look low quality that is why they included an algorithm in their search engine to remove those no value website on their search results. 

Meaning if your want to get traffic from google search engine you need to rank your site

And to summarize I listed below in bullets
The bullet points that I listed above are the finish product of a successful blog or website but what about the people who are still starting from scratch? Don't worry,  here is it. 

How To Get More Traffic From Google

When Choosing A Topic

When choosing a topic for your blog, it's best if the content in your blog is your favorite topics, it's not important if it's hard to rank or if its saturated already or not as long you are passionate with the niche you have chosen,  in the long run its going to rank no matter what it's because if your passionate with your niche you can and always create a quality content that no one can do it's because you have written quality content with your own words and understanding that makes it more quality and original. 

Improve Your User Interface

There's a lot of blogs out there and the best blogs has the same design characteristics and that is simplicity. For example this blog,  the content is easy to understand, it's mobile friendly and it's fast because I am using a blogger blog and etc. 

Build Links

When growing a website traffic,  I always tell people over and over again that content is king because if there's value and has quality then your content deserves audience and that's whats google wants too but still you still need find an alternative traffic and that is what I am going to tell you.

Link building help your blog or website to rank on google because if other websites refer people to your website,  google uses that signal as a vote that your website has value and google loves website that has value to many, it also drives traffic that can also help your site to improves it's bounce rate that can also use as a ranking factor.

Link building also serves like a promotion because when doing link building, people can't resist the curiosity to know what website behind those links and if your website offer valuable content then you have the potential to turn those visitors into returning readers by only doing link building. 

Update Your Content Yearly

If your content gets older and if google already have collected data how your audience behave on your site soon it will rank faster and to maintain it's usefulness,  every year you need to make some improvements to your content, the more it improves the more valuable it will be to your audience, the more it will consider valuable the manier people will stay on your site the faster your blog will rank on google. 

Update Your Headlines

Before you update your headline you need to login to your google search console.  You can use Google Search console to submit your pages in google to quickly index your pages and also you can use Google Search console to see which pages are getting more clicks from search results and you can maximize its pages clicks by making it more appealing to search engines users. How? 

So for example you got a blog post that is ranking on the third spot, if you can make your headlines more attractive or more intense than the post ahead of your post in search result then you have the better chance in getting clicks than the post that are ahead of your post. 

Reinvest Your Earnings For Trafffic

Soon enough your traffic will eventually grow by following the tips above then you are going to need to monetize your blog, once you earn don't just be contented to earn with your traffic, your next goal must be is to grow your readers/audience on your blof and to gather more readers easily one way is to promote your content, imagine this like you are just investing for a fertilizer and the plant is your blog, and for it to grow better you need to reinvest some of your earning to maintain traffic and to grow your audience more. 

Blog Daily

I always repeat this on some of my content that content is king as long it is high quality it will get traffic and the more you write the more keyword you are able to compete,  and the more keyword you compete the more keyword you are using in a less competition of keywords. 

Relax and Chill

After you have read this post and follow some of my tips that i mentioned, just be patience and don't rush on ranking your website because I assure you no one can do that, if you have quality content on your site all of us has the same fate it will always rank a site after 6 months to 1 year before you will get a significant traffic and the more older your blog post will become the more traffic it get by google. 

Hope you have learn something from this post. If ever you have doubts or you want to add value on this page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be glad to give you my response. Thank you for reading on this page and good luck to you.