How to make traffic to a brand new blog

Getting more traffic is what makes a blog successful because getting more click ads and having more sales on your affiliate programs depends on how huge your traffic you have on your blog and if your blog is still a brand new site and if you want to increase the traffic of your site then you are in the right page! I will share you some tips as you continue reading my  tips today on this page!

Its common for newbies to not know how to get more traffic its because its a new adventure to them so it's just normal if you came here to know more about blogging and specially in finding ways how to get more traffic.

If you are wondering that's it's already been a week or two but you're still not getting more pageviews on your blog in my opinion it's just fine and common to all new website startups.

If you are after for organic traffic that came from google search it's normal to not get traffic for your first several months it's because for a new blog site you still need to prove google that your site can offer value to their users and according to Google there are 200 ranking factors that you need to pass before google will grant you ranking that will help your blog to get it's stable visibility on google search engine.

Commonly new sites only starts to  recieve traffic in google from your 4 to 6 months of your blog age but it will not guarantee that you will already get thousands of visitors a day because theres so much you need to do like adding value to your content by writing more useful blog post and promoting your blog to get regular readers and in the 12th months of your blog age it will get double according to other experts bloggers that I been with.

Meaning as your blog becomes older you will expect an increase traffic to your blog but still I can't guarantee you that it's going to be more or less 50,000 monthly page view on your blog because it's still going depend on your content and that is what I am going to share you.

In this page I wont teach you how to get temporary blog traffic where you only get huge traffic is when you promote your content because it will not lead you to passive income results. what I am going to tell you is how you will get organic traffic and can help you make money even you're still sleeping is what I am going to discuss here today.

Let's be honest we all want passive income and that is what I am going to discuss here.

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How To Get More Traffic To Your Brand New Blog

Start Your Foundation Posts

I call it foundation post because it will be your foundation that will help you rank your blog,  this kind of blog topics are topics that only few are going to be interested and more specific, the goal here is when a person ask a question on google specifically,  you will be sure your content will show on the top 5 search results,  this will give you more chances  for google to able to monitors how users are behaving on your blog post that will be enough for google to grant you a little bit of ranking slowly. 

Include How People Are Going Ask Google

When planning for a blog post topic. Before you plan for a blog post title, please include how people will type that question on google search,  meaning I am advising you to amake blog post that people will going to look for. Don't create content that has no chance that people will ask because it's going to be useless if no one is going to have the interest to read. Please bear that in mind always. 

Level Things Up

When you are able to have 10-15 foundation blog post on your blog, start writing more competitive blog post meaning it's a kind of post that many are also writing on their blog, most likely like a how to post, list post type or a statistic types of post and etc.  Most likely that has more search volume,  like topics that are most ask online,  this are kinds of topics that has high competitive blog posts.  Just be sure you stick to your niche. 

Repeat The Business

Create more foundation post and high competitive blog post and vice versa.  In these method I am starting to encourage you to write more blog post because you need more content if you want to send google more signal that you blog is continuing creating valuable  content and high quality at the same time. And writing more content must not get below 500 words if you want to have better results.

150 Blog Post Challenge

If you want to exceed the number of traffic than the pageviews you have before, in your first 4 months I challenge you to have a total of 150 blog post in your blog,  do you know why?  I have seen a blog that has only 30 blog post and the owner just leave it sit there for 1.5 year,  and it's now having 40,000 - 50,000 monthly pageviews. My point is if a 30 blog post blog can get that number of monthly pageviews then a blog that has 150 pages can get better results.

In most cases, one of you will surely burn out trying to achieve this challenge because I have done that before and you know what I got more traffic coming from google, you know it's not much but its already giving me an idea that it's going there to success. 

Build Backlinks at The Same Time

If many says that content is king which is 100% true then let me remind you that Backlinks or link building is the queen because one of the major ranking factors of google is the number of backlinks to your site, because according to Google, Backlink represents as a vote to your website. If many is voting to your site,  it only shows your website proves to google that your content has value to their users granting you a ranking score that will help your site to increase its visibility chances of the first page. 


These are most important ways to help a brand new blog to get more traffic organically and passively, now you know what to do for your brand new blog, all you need to do is repeat this ways that I shared to you and I promise you that you will get the traffic that you are looking for. Don't worry about the few traffic that you are getting today as long you continue to do hardwork and following my tips abovr,  you will 100% get the results you wanted. 

Hope this page is useful to you,  if you have doubts or you want to add value on this page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be glad to give you my response. Thank you for having time reading on this page and good luck to you!