How to create an online store with a blogger blog

So you wanted to create your own dropshipping store or an e-commerce store in a blogger(blogspot) blog but you don't know how to start? There are many CMS platform that you can use to start an online store but it will require you to invest money in a very expensive price luckily with blogger you only need to spend a domain name(if you don't want to use the free subdomain) and you will already have a website to start an online store business.

Blogger is a content management system that is design to start a blog for FREE and if you want to learn how to start an online store using a blogger platform then you are in the right page.

After reading this page you will understand how to setup a store that can already collect payments from customers and collect your customer's shipping details.

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So? How Can You Create an Online Store Using Blogger? 

To able to turn your blogger blog into an online store, all you need is a third party software where you can use their software and put it in your blogger blog but what is that third party software? The third party software is called ecwid. 

What is Ecwid

Either you have your own product or you want to do dropshipping Ecwid is the leading choice for small business merchant to easily setup a store and start selling fast. With ecwid whatever platform you use you can still put ecwid store embed in any page of any CMS platforms where you want to show your store. 

Is Ecwid Free? 

For beginners yes it's totally free but with only limited access and since you are using blogger let's say you want free. For free method you are only allowed to add 10 products on your store as a free user and when you are earning that's the time you are going to upgrade so you can already add more product on your store if you want to upgrade.

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How To Setup Ecwid To Your Blogger

Actually its pretty easy simple after you are done signing up on ecwid you will be redirected to your dashboard account and there will be a series of steps that you need to complete, meaning to setup your store its pretty straightforward even a non techie savvy can follow it step by step.

Once you are done setting up your store, you just need to get the code in your dashboard and paste the code in your pages you want your store to show up and your store is already up.

When adding or removing your product you need to go to your ecwid account and make changes,  the changes will reflect on your blogger store after the changes are made.

Are You Planning to Sell E-books too? 

With ecwid you can also sell your own e-book if you have your own digital product but for free version unfortunately you cant sell an e-book on a free account. To sell e-book or any digital product with ecwid in your blogger blog,  you are required to upgrade your ecwid account before you can sell some digital products starting with only $15/month you can already add up to 100 products on your store and you can already sell your own digital product with ecwid. 

For more details and benefits of an upgrade account proceed to Ecwid's pricing

If you got a problem with the price for the membership upgrade don't be because you are not force to do so it's your choice if you want to sell more products or a digital products on your store.  Because of ecwid's software you are able to self manage your store easily without worrying on hiring an expert to manage your store. With ecwid it's easy as adding products and choosing your payment method on how you are going to received payments and that's it. 

How Are You Going To Received Payments

Before we end this tutorial be reminded that if you plan to use blogger to open an online store,  please use a template that has no margin in mobile version, the body of your template should have max width on the mobile like what you see in this blog for better UI. You can check my store as an example and you can buy some of my products if you find anything interesting.

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Hope you have learn something from this page,  if ever you have more question about this tutorial, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you my response. Thank you again for having time reading on my tutorial and good luck to you.