how to blog when you're stuck with your day job

Working at your job and managing your blog at the same time is a tough task because if you aim to be a successful blogger, blogging alone is already a tough work because there's a lot you need to do to grow your blog.

I understand since your blog is still new and the monetization can't still sustain your expenses compare what you earn from your day job, it's good to do it both at the same time and you need to balance it. But how are you going to do it? Here are some list of ideas that you can do while you are also busy with your job and do blogging.

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How to Manage Your Blog When You're Stuck with Your Day Job

List Your Ideas

Since you need to give time on your job than blogging obviously you don't have time writing more blog post and to become successful in blogging you need to have many ideas what topics you are going to write so you still do blogging while doing your day job, you need to find time listing blog title ideas that comes to your mind in your break time or in your work time because listing just takes seconds to so it because ideas just come without a notice and you eventually forget in a short period of time specially when you're busy,  that is why listing is very important. 

List Your Subtitle in a Blog Post You Plan to Write

Since you are working and you can't focus 100% on blogging it's best if you slowly plan the structure of your blog post. List the points that you are planning to discuss on your next blog post. 

Start Creating Paragraphs 

Now that you have already listed the points for your blog post, it doesnt matter how long you publish your latest blog post, what's important is that as long you are able to update your blog from time to time,day to day or week to week, slowly by slowly try to explain each of the points that you listes and make it worth reading until you complete your blog post. 

Look Around You 

If you can't get more ideas even you already over think of what are some interesting topic  to write and still no ideas coming out, you can look around you, the ideas are just there hidden you are just not looking it in another angle. And once your list are full you can look at them one by one and remove the blog post title ideas that you think it's not worth your readers time.

Find Time Crafting Blog Post

The next tip is essential if you want to increase your traffic, you need to find time when to write your next blog post and the right time to write your next blog post is before you sleep or before you go to work ,  and you will able to finish it in just less than 1 or 2 hours because you have already done your assignment(the tips I mentioned before) 

Do Link Building

Link building is one of the best way to rank your blog and if you can't do link building it's just fine,  but the chances in getting more traffic will be slower and if you want to monetize your blog you need to get much more traffic as possible.  That is why you must never forget to do this. 

Link building is not hard as you think,  you can do it for just giving 1-2 hours per day finding website's to leave a comment on their blog and connect with other bloggers and its just as simple as that. 

Just Be Consistent

Whatever business you handle consistency is the key to success. If you want to be successful blogger, you should not stop creating new content if you want people to keep visiting you site, the reason why I wrote this is because I was also a busy person who also wanted to be a blogger,  and these tips are the things that I usually do before. Hope you have find this tips useful. 

Hope you have learn something from this post. If ever you have doubts or you want to add value on this blog post, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy be give you my response,  thank you for reading and good luck.