how to add privacy policy on blogger blogspot

Finding a way how to add a privacy policy on your blogger(blogspot) blog? Nowadays everyone is worry about protecting their privacy.

If your blog is collecting personal information from people who visit your blog, you need a privacy policy to explain that to your readers to avoid getting legal action from your readers who do not understand what your blog is trying to do.

If your blog is using Google Analytics or Google Adsense then you are require to have a privacy policy

What Really is Privacy Policy? 

A privacy policy is a legal agreement that explains what kind of personal information you gather from your readers on your blog, how you use these information and how you keep it. If you are not collecting any data to your readers or visitors you still need to have a privacy policy explaining that you don't use any software that collects some information on your blog. 

Why Do Bloggers Need To Have Privacy Policy On Their Blog

According to privacy laws around the world dictates that if you collect personal information from your blog's visitor, then you need to have a privacy policy posted on your blog, still if your blog is not collecting any data you still need to have privacy policy just to have transparency to your visitors. 

Steps How To Add Privacy Policy On Blogger

Step 1: Login to your Blogger account. 

Step 2: On your Blogger Dashboard go to Page>>New Page

privacy policy on blogger

Step 3: Go to and answer the required question. 

Step 4: After you finish answering the required questions you can now get the generated privacy policy and copy it. 

Step 5: Paste the generate privacy policy to your new page and save. 

Step 6: Create additional menu and paste the link of your privacy policy page so you can show your privacy policy on your menu. 

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