How to add new author on blogger platform

Are you a blogger(blogspot) platform user and you plan to add new author to your blog? If you are then you are in the right page! I will guide you all the way in adding new author to your blogger blog so you will consistently find a way to keep your blog more active.

As a blogger user who aims to offer more information to your readers you need to hire or look for more writers to your blog and if you plan to have more authors on your blog then adding more author is possible on a blogger(blogspot) platform.

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What Are The Limits Of The New Added Author

For security purpose it's right that you need to know that you are in control of the situation so I am going to explain to you what are the limits of the new added author. 

In this feature, the owner of the blog will remain the default admin and has the full control of the whole blog. The new author would get the same benefit as the admin but the new author won't have access to the major admin settings. For short new author only has the access to write post and the new author is not allowed to edit what other writters publish on the blog. 

How To Add Author On Blogger Platform

As soon as you able to send an invitation, the new author will receive an email and that email will have a link telling the new author need to accept the invitation.

Once the author accepts your invitation, that new author will be able to start to write new blogs post to your blog.

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