how long does it take to get google adsense apprival

Is Google Adsense taking long to reply for your google Adsense application? When did the last time you apply for Google Adsense? Are you starting to wonder why it takes long for google to email you back and congratulate you that you can now put ads on your blog?

My opinion is google Adsense is an awesome monetizing platform for a blog that doesn't have their own product to sell on their blog.  If you are very excited to get an approve Google Adsense account,  don't be.  Because even you you get google Adsense on your blog,  still if you don't have a stable massive traffic coming to your blog, it still won't make you money.  So how long does it take to get google Adsense approval?

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How Long Does It Take To Get Google Adsense Approval? 

Google Adsense approval usually reply after 24 to 48 hours from the day you apply for  Google Adsense but for most of the webmasters it takes 1 week to 2 weeks for some technical reasons and if google is having problem to find your blog, they will notify you within 24 to 48 hours. 

Now that I have told you how long does it take time to get google Adsense approval, most of the time there are big chances that  you will be rejected from google Adsense and since google Adsense is still not replying to your application it only mean that your site evaluation for approval is still on process,  meaning you will still have chance to correct things or else if you get rejected for the first time and reapply again, your waiting time will extend once more to couple of weeks again so as as early as possible,  have time to read my checklist. 

Google Adsense Approval Checklist

To increase the chances of getting approval you need to make sure that you are able to manage this checklist already. 

Your Blog Must Have At Least 30 Blog Post

To get a higher chance of getting Google Adsense approval i also coach newbies that before they start to apply on google Adsense they need to have 30 blog post that have at least 800 words because google love blog posts or articles that have rich text and has value. 

Your Blog Post Must Have The Required Pages

When google starts to evaluate websites,  they make sure that a site that they gave google Adsense approval must not look spammy,  so every blog they approve must have their own "About Page", "Contact Page" and the very important page is the Privacy Policy. 

If you want to know how to make a privacy policy page,  you can read my How to Create a Privacy Policy For Your Blog. 

Your Blog Must Have At Least a Page Rank 1/10

I have done this twice on some blogs, commonly google approve sites that has already value and one of the factor that google consider or valuable is a blog that has Page Rank of 1/10 because google don't want to show their ads on spams sites.

If you want to know how to get a Page Rank of 1/10. You can read my 9 Ways How To Build Backlink for  Dummies

Your Content Must Be Original

For newbies this is very crucial because today the web is already saturated and full of sites and google want new blogs that have their own view  or own voice or opinion when writing their next blog post. 

They do not want the same topics on their search result, they want new innovation and you have that on your mind and google want that and not just a copied content from other website's. 

Hope you have learn something from this post,  if ever you have doubts or you want to add value on this page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give my response.