how long does it take to rank on google

Are you starting to be curious how long does it takes to rank a blog on google? You always find a way to rank your blog on google and after doing different ways of SEO techniques it seems that it takes too long to see the result.

I know that feeling, because I been there when I started blogging,  I also want to know how long does it take to rank on Google because before as a beginner I still have no clue at all and that is what I am going to discuss with you on this page.

I will help you understand how blogging rank and when will a blog or website rank on google search engine. 

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How Long Does It Take to Rank on Google

As a writter on different blogs and a SEO specialist, our job is to make sure that every blog post must be well optimize and keywords are well placed  before hitting the publish button and after that google will do it's job for you to rank your pages.

How Old Are Top 10 Search Result Pages on Google

I witness base on average that top search results in google were mostly more 2 years old and those that rank at position #1 are more than 3 years old pages, I can say that because those blog post has dates on it obviously I know how old those blog post be.

There are also chance that pages 1 year or less than a year old sometimes goes up but only a short period of time because google search give new blog post the chance to show off their value to search users but it won't guarantee to be visible for long because in the end old blog post will be google's priority to be seen because they already proven to be valuable to many. 


Even it has been said that old blog post that has been crawled by google for long are prioritize to be always visible on the first page of google search results,  there are also some blog post 2-6 months old that sometimes show on the first page of google but again it will just show sometimes day after day depending how users search on google but it won't guarantee to drive massive traffic to your blog or website because it hasn't been more than 3 years old. You can read my Why You Should Stop Trying To Be Rank #1 on Google so you can understand and get more ideas how google algorithm works.

There is no magic in ranking a blog. If you can write quality content on your blog then rest assure you that it will drive traffic if your content gets older and older. 

This study shows that if a blog can get more than 3 years old,  I can promise you that it will improve it's traffic flow depending on the qualitiness of your content. The key to success in getting organic traffic is simply the quality of your blog content and the long patience to wait for your content to get rank. 

Hope you have learn something from this page. If ever you have about on this topic or if you want to add value,  you can leave a comment below and I will be glad to give you my response. Thank you for reading and good luck!