How to get facebook app ID and App secret

Dont you know where to get a Facebook app ID and App Secret? For some reasons, there are some 3rd party software that is related to facebook are requiring developers to use App ID and App Secret before a software can fully work and if you are in trouble how to get your own Facebook App ID and App Secret then this page will help you out.

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Steps On How To Get Your Own Facebook App ID and App Secret

Step 1: Login to Facebook Developer Page using your facebook account.

Step 2: Select Add New App, give a name for your app under Display Name and your contact email ID under contact email and click on Create App ID.

Step 3: From your app dashboard, select Settings and click on Basic.

Step 4: The next thing is you have to provide your website or blog's privacy policy URL and Terms of Service URL.

If incase you dont have a privacy policy or termsand condition page on yoyr website, thrn yoy cant change the status.

Step 5: Enter your details for Data protection Officer Contact Information and click on Save Changes.

Step 6: In the App Secret click on Show and you have to enter your facebook account password in order to see your App Secret key.

Step 7: Now you can copy and paste your App ID and App Secret whichever you want it to use.

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