how do bloggers get paid online

Do you want to start a blog or you plan to be a blogger and you just want to review things out like how do bloggers get paid?

Making money online is a little bit different than receiving your salary on your day job. If you make money on your blog you will get paid either through PayPal, stripes or direct bank deposit to your bank account depending on the company's available payment method, but most of the time companies choose PayPal and direct direct deposit as their method of paying bloggers.

If you want to know how bloggers make money to get paid, here are the ways most blog is making money.

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How Do Blogger Make Money With Their Blog

First You Need Traffic

A traffic means the volume of people getting to your blog, meaning to make money on a blog, it requires a lot of people going to your blog everyday, the more people going to your blog everyday,  the more you can make business with your blog. So if you plan to make money with a blog,  you need to find a way how to attract people coming to your blog,  as simple as that.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the famous way to monetize a blog because the ads showing on your blog are clickable and always relevant to your content which makes it more interesting to click. 

Your blog earn with Google Adsense if someone click the ads on your blog. A blog's earning depends on a CPC or Click Per Cost depending on the country. If the clicks are from usa your earnings will range between $0.08 - $0.26 per click.

If you want to apply for Google Adsense for your blog, you need read to learn more about my How to Get Google Adsense For Your Blog

Affiliate Programs 

Affiliate programs are big companies that allows bloggers to monetize by allowing bloggers to sell their products or services and if you are able to bring people on their website using the affiliate link that they gave you and purchase a product using your affiliate link.  You will earn a commission. 

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