Google blog traffic alternative

Do your site depends only on google traffic and you don't have alternative traffic for your blog? Google is one of the best traffic source where you can get a potential traffic of more than a hundred thousand monthly pageviews but what if by chance you can no longer get traffic from google then how are you able to monetize your blog or site if traffic is not going to be enough on your site,  well that could be a problem when it happen. When thing are still great, and  you still get traffic from google,  maybe it's time to make a move in advance and at the same time get more additional traffic to get more audience that will likely to be a fan of your work.

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6 Alternative Blog Traffic Sources If Google is Unavailable


Pinterest is a social platform that enables users to share visual images and find similar interest,  actually it already looks like a search engine but they use images to share their links so whenever someone clicks on those images shared they will be redirected to a site page. 

Here's a short video about the introduction of pinterest:


Twitter is social networking site where people communicate in short messages called tweets. Tweeting is posting a short messages to anyone who follows you on twitter,  for the hope that your messages are useful and interesting to someone in your audience. Meaning if you can get huge following on your twitter then you can get extra traffic for every tweet you do.

Here's a short video about the introduction to twitter:


If you still not able to submit your pages on bing then you should start today,  bing is another search engine second to google and a lot of users are also using bing as their search engine to look for more information. 


Quora is a forum site where people ask a lot of different kinds of questions. The good thing about quora is that you can answer those people's questions by them giving them an introduction and share your blog links at the end of your answers telling them they need to go to your blog link to get a full explanation regarding to their question so they can get an in depth understanding. That's how you get traffic to your blog pages using quora. 

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is not just all about connecting to other blogs and  webmasters. Blog commenting is also a way to drive traffic to your blog from the comment you left on other blogs posts. Meaning the more you leave a lot of comments the better. To drive traffic successfully,  you need to leave more valuable and informative comments on different blogs so people will get interested to you and what your blog is all about

YouTube Video Referral

YouTube is the second product of google, YouTube is a video sharing platform where you can upload different kinds of videos, just be sure it's legally yours or it will be remove by google once they are not. 

In your videos you can tell your audience in your videos to encourage them to visit your blog so they can learn more on the topic you are sharing or include a link below  in your video description. As long your videos are existing your videos can drive more traffic to your blog everytime. 

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