Blogging is just a waste of your time

Are you starting to doubt if blogging is just a waste of your time? I know you're already blogging for several months and you also don't want to waste your precious time that is not going to benefit you in the future and that is what I am going to discuss to you on this page. 

Face it we are all blogging to make money online, to start making profit online but the problem, in this kind of business model, we cannot say if we are going to be successful or not specially if you are still starting out. That's the truth. 

So to help you out I will share you the clues if blogging is going to work on you or not, I will also give you some tips to increase your chance rate in becoming successful with your blog so you better stay and continue reading. 

The reason why its important to know these tips that i am going to share to you in this page is because only few has able to make a living from blogging and the goal of this post is for you to avoid some mistakes that most newbie bloggers end up quitting blogging. Okay! Let's not further delay.  Here are the things you must absorb when reading. 

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Here are Some Tips To Avoid Blogging Wasting Your Precious Time

Most Bloggers Quit to Soon

I been with bloggers for too long and I've seen many bloggers end up selling their websites.  And I asked myself why they do that? And lately I found out they already quit blogging because they we're not making any profit or their website s earn money too small that can't sustain their expenses on a daily basis and yes I said before its a total waste of time but it's not the point here my point is never give up too soon. 

For the 1st to 6th months blog it's just normal not to get traffic to your blog because google is still trying to know your blog better. So to keep the doubts away I challenge you to give it a year or give it 24 months equivalent of 2 years, give it a time and I promise you, you will get a change of your traffic flow eventually. 

Publish A Low Competitive Blog Post

For my second tip since your blog is still new, at the beginning it's impossible to rank your new published post and compete with other blog post that are already ranking on google. 

What you are going to do is, to rank your blog faster, pick a topic to write that are low competitive topic, meaning topics that most bloggers do not yet write, for example are specific topics that are too deep. So when someone is searching for a specific topic,  your post will show first on google search results. 

The reason why you should focus on low competitive topic is because to rank your blog,  you need to give google the enough data how people are behaving on your blog, meaning if you are going to write topics that has a high competition guest what no one is able to read your content because there are topics that are the same as yours that are ranking well than your new publish posts. 

Low competitive topics will serve as your ranking foundation for your new blog that is why it's essential that you have your foundation posts at the beginning. 

Level Up Your Blog Posts

When you think you already wrote almost all of the low competitive blog post in the circle of your niche, maybe it's time to write topics which are more competitive because these types of blog posts are topics that has more search volume on google search engine. 

Write Daily

In the history of blogging, blog that are blogging daily are more likely that gets traffic or improves it's traffic flow in a short period of time,  it's because it is proven that if you can write more different topics on the circle of your niche, the more you are able to write different topics the more you are able to create content that has less competitive keywords. 

Always Publish Quality Content

From low competitive topic to high competitive topics, you must add quality to your work. 200 words are not high quality and topics that are not helpful are also not high quality. To let me guide you how high quality content looks like,  your content must be more than 500 words that people will need to know and can solve problems, after all  a blog is suppose to be informative and helpful meaning you should focus on topics that people are looking for.  No ones going to read a blog post that all about other people,  it's always about how to solve your reader's problem is what's make your content more valuable. 

Learn To Wait

I know a lot of bloggers and webmaster out there will try to claim that they got a massive traffic in a short period of time, so I'll suggest you just let them be and don't get deceived. Because almost of successful bloggers will tell you that if you want to be successful in blogging you need to learn to lengthen your patience, blogging success require long patience and consistency of hard work meaning keeping your blog for a long period of time and updating your blog is the only way to achieve the success you wanted to happen. 

Reinvest Your Profit

If you have successfully followed this tips on this page,  soon enough you will get to the top of the ladder, theres no doubt about that because I am sharing this tips from my experience and from interviewing different experienced webmasters. When the time has come that your blog is exploding with traffic, do not be contented with the traffic you are getting,  it's time to reinvest the 20% of your profit attracting new readers by doing paid advertisement. Yes paid advertising.  Some people are still not able to read your work and by reinvesting through advertising you are able to broaden your audience that needed the information written in your blog. Once people see that your content has value, you are able to grow your existing loyal readers that will revisit your website everytime resulting to more daily traffic. 

Hope you have learn something from this page. If you have doubts or you want to add value to this topic. Feel free leave a comment below and will be glad to give my responsive. Thank you for having time reading my content and good luck to you.